Thank You

from all of us at rentstuff

On behalf of the entire RentStuff team,

I extend my deepest thanks for your commitment to RentStuff. Your investment in the earliest stage of our company's lifecycle is a testament to your creative vision and support for the entrepreneurial spirit. You are investing in our team as much as (or perhaps even more than) our idea. You have made a great decision. We will work tirelessly to build great products that our customers love. In doing so, we will build a successful company that we can all be proud of.

I invite you to share in this endeavor beyond your investment. Share in our experiences, our challenges, our frustrations and our successes by reaching out to me at any time. Let's exchange ideas, ask questions, share stories or just talk about how things are going. While we all share the same destination of a successful company, much of the reward will come from the journey.

So thank you for your investment, for your support, for your vision and for your belief in me and my team.