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Shadow Puppet App

What is Shadow Puppet?

Shadow Puppet is a storytelling app. In a family gathering, people share some pictures and they start to talk about these photos. So, Shadow Puppet app can help you to make a quick video adding all photos you want and you could start recording and talking about the photos as you go over the pictures.

Easy steps to make your own Shadow Puppet:

1- Select create new.

2- Start to pick photos and videos (they are going to move directly to record folder when you select them)

3- Click start to record as you go over the photos and videos.

4- You can tap and zoom to highlight points of interest as you go over the pictures & videos.

5- You could write a text inside and select where to post it like in which corner.

6- When you finish click save then share it with others.

Quick video ( 1 mintue)

Shadow Puppet App for iPhone & iPad Tutorial

Different social medias to share you own Shadow Puppet

Shadow Puppet is simple, quick and kind fun


Teacher would like students to create a project and share it with all to get feedback.


Shadow Puppet App ( You can find it only in iPad or iPhone)


1- Teacher teaches students how to use the app.

2- Teacher provide students with different topics and would like students to select a topic and start using a Shadow Puppet App.

3- Students should use photos, record their voice and music.

4- Teacher should select one media to help students sharing their work.

5- Students should provide feedback to each other verbally.

21 th century skills