What's New at Hemlock this week

Week of June 8

message from the principal - ms. bellovin

Dear Friends,

Can you believe that we have reached the last full week of school? What a different school year we had! The beginning was just like any other but since March 15, we have been doing school differently. I know that I have missed seeing you each and every day. You have the best smiles!!!

This week, Mr. Caparella has planned a Virtual Field Day! We weren't able to have our usual picnic so he prepared some fun things for you to do at home with your family. The teachers want to make sure you have lots of fun and plenty of time to play. They have decided to give you a little bit less work on Seesaw. But remember, you should still read every single day! Keep building those reading muscles. We always see at Hemlock after exercise: Brains and body are ready to work!

My morning announcements will be some virtual field day activities, too! I can't wait to show you what I came up with for you to play. It has been so much fun getting your videos and photos when you try my activities. Thank you!

Next week, we have a big event happening! Our last day of school is June 16. On June 15, at 9:00, we invite you for a drive by at Hemlock! All the teachers will be there to wave hello and wish you a great summer! Sort of like we usually do with the buses. But this time you will be in your cars. More details will be sent at the end of the week.

Have a lovely day.

All the best,

Audrey Bellovin

kindergarten - reading

Kindergarten students will use their skills to respond to various stories. They will write about their favorite character and the message the author was trying to convey.

kindergarten - math

Kindergarten students will continue to explore shapes! They will look at two dimensional and three dimensional shapes and find representations of them in real life. With the use of a game, the children will practice these many skills.

kindergarten - fundations

Throughout Kindergarten, the children have worked hard to master so many essential skills through the Fundations program. This week, the students will have the opportunity to practice and utilize all they have learned. The children will practice decoding and spelling CVC words and familiar sight words as they unscramble, read and write some fun summer sentences.

first grade - reading

First Grade will complete Bend III in our last Readers Workshop unit this week. Readers will be sharing their opinions about books and rehearsing to make their speaking voices smoother. These are similar to book reviews, in which readers tell why they would or would not recommend a book. Finally, first graders will celebrate all we have accomplished in Readers Workshop this year, by sharing what they liked most.

first grade - math

This week, the children will further explore coins. They will look at each one and learn about identifying characteristics of each. In addition, students will learn to match the value of the coins with the physical coin.

first grade - fundations

First grade will begin adding the suffix -es to base words which end with ch, sh, s, x and z. By adding -es to these base words, they will create new plural words. The students will utilize these new words in sentences and identify them by marking up. Through these lessons, the children will use word frames to form new sentences with trick words, correct capitalization and punctuation.

first grade - writing

Have fun in June with this great new calendar of ideas!! https://drive.google.com/le/d/187tWxQ2qhJW-Yw24kqqsxDphJsPMSkwB/view?usp=sharing

library - mrs. donovan

The library learning task this week is another resource for parents and students in Wakelet. It is a Summer Reading Resource, chock full of websites to find high interest book titles for students to read over the summer. It also includes a link for Nassau Digital Doorway for students to use their Garden City Public library card to access all the digital and audio titles in Overdrive and download them onto their devices.

art - ms. leyland

This week, students will be learning paper marbling techniques! This form of art originated in Japan and is now practiced by artists across the world!

music - ms. glickman

What does the words Photo, Garby and Penguin have in common? They are all featured in our music activities this week! Firsr, Miss Glickman loved seeing all the pictures you sent and is excited to show you the Photo Music Video of all your smiling faces. In addition, Miss Glickman will share and end of the year video and Garby wants to say hello. Lastly, invite the whole family to watch how the penguin on the sled follows the beat and melody of "In the Hall of the Mountain King". It is really fun to watch!

physical education - mr. caparella

Very exciting week ahead! Virtual Field Day/Disney style! Lots of great activities for you to do again and again. Have lots of fun. Here are the stations:

Station One - Dash (The Incredibles) Obstacle Course

Station Two - Snow White Apple on a Spoon

Station Three - Mickey Mouse Beanbag or Rolled Up Socks Toss

Station Four - Minnie Mouse Soccer Dribble

These can all be accomplished with things you have around your house. Or, make up your own!

mental health - mrs. martinez

This week we will engage in a fun bubble blowing activity. Blowing bubbles is a fun way to practice deep breathing, self control, and in this exercise we also include self-love and gratitude statements. A recipe for bubble solution is also included.

For parents, here is the link to our mental health and wellness newsletter. This newsletter includes resources, information and activities for families. This week's newsletter also includes resources for summer planning, and resources to support discussions about diversity with your children. https://www.smore.com/7fug4-mental-health-wellness