Day 2


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What is

Thinglink can be used to turn any static image into an interactive, multimedia image. You can use Ribbet and PicMonkey to create collages about a given topic. After creating those collages you can save them as PNG files and upload them to Thinglink. There you can add videos, audio files, and links to games or articles to enhance our collages and make them interactive.

Thinglink can be used by students who are under the age of 13 and or do not have email addresses. To enable your students who are under 13 and or do not have email addresses you should register as a teacher on Thinglink Edu. As registered teacher on Thinglink Edu you can create and manage student accounts. In the screenshots in the slides below will walk you through the process of creating Thinglink accounts for your students.

Examples of ThingLinks you might like!

Of course these examples are NOT perfect and we can certainly do better! Let me know if you're interested in pursuing an idea you have with ThingLink!