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February 2016

A note from the Principal

Welcome to the first edition of Enrich 2016. I hope that you enjoyed the activities coordinated in the December enrichment day. One of the key areas I would like your help and support with is in ensuring what the College offers both in terms of provision of courses as well as extra curricular activities is meeting your needs and is to the quality that it should be.

You can get in touch by emailing future@gcfe.net to have your voice heard. You can also use any of the voice boxes in the refectories to have your say.

Since the last issue of Enrich we have also received the Validation Report. My thanks to you all for accommodating the process and engaging in sharing your views about the College with the inspectors. We look forward to taking the feedback we received forward in order to improve what we do at the College.

I will be holding informal discussion forums at the refectories at each of the campuses during the last week of each month. If you are interested to share your views with me come and find me. I will be delighted to hear from you.


A note from Jeff Stuart: Head of Learner Support Services

Welcome to Enrich. After what I hope has been a good start to the term for you we are starting an exciting time for Learner Support Service events and activities. This term can be challenging with college days starting and sometimes ending in the dark but it is definitely an opportunity to put the hard work in and push yourself to succeed with each challenge faced. The benefits will be reaped in the summer term when you are able to finalise grades and enjoy what we hope will be a hot summer on The Rock.

Changes and developments have been implemented to improve processes for activities and also to provide a more engaging set of events based on feedback we have received from you. It's a busy time and with Enrichment, The HE fair, Careers Show and external events taking place it is really important to keep a check on college emails and the newsletters. Further improvements to communication and visibility for Learner Support Services will come in the form of the #LearnerZones that have been created on each campus. They will be the central hub for promotions, activities, focus sessions, drop in for support, information, advice & guidance. If you would like to, you can then apply to use the area for your own activity and event that may be linked to your course of study or an external interest. The #LearnerZones will be coming to life this week.

For any learners that feel they may need some additional help or support with their studies, or are just generally feeling that there may be some barriers preventing them from succeeding, we have developed the process for Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) in order to support you. It may be that you were entitled to extra time when sitting exams previously, or received the support of a reader to help completing work. If this is the case, or you feel it may be something you are entitled to then please speak to your tutor or one of the Learning Support team. We will then look at the EAA in relation to your specific needs and ensure that everything is in place so that those barriers can be removed.

Your student reps will be becoming very active and prominent in college life this term. They are your channel of communication to exercise change and development to enhance the student experience so please talk to them if you feel that there are things that could make your time at College a better one.

If there are any issues that you would like to raise or simply need some advice or guidance please use the email LSS@gcfe.net we can then ensure that the correct member of staff gets in touch with you to move things forward.

Enjoy the term…and Happy Easter!

Jeff Stuart: Head of Learner Support Services

ENRICHMENT DAY - Tuesday 9 February (full time learners only)

Thanks to everyone that has signed up for their activities (if you haven't already done this please submit your choices via the link no later than Tuesday 2 February).

You will have received the email containing the link, but this is also attached below along with the activities information sheet.



We will be confirming your choices and details on Thursday 4 February. We are working hard to deliver first choice activities to everyone but we will contact learners individually if any changes are needed.

Please remember that your attendance on enrichment day is important. It is set to be a really engaging and positive day so embrace the opportunity for some extended learning outside of your vocational area of study.

Progression Evening - Monday 15 February

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HE Fair - Tuesday 8 March

Universities and Higher Education establishments will be on campus holding subject specific talks and there will be a marketplace of approximately 60 providers.

The fair will be held at the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts and LOC.

The opportunity to sign up for the subject specific talks will go live in the next week and your tutors will guide the process for all level 3 learners.

A full schedule of the day will be issued shortly and publicity will be going out to allow parents and carers to plan attendance for generic talks regarding grant funding and support for progression.


Drop in sessions for you to get help with any aspect of your work. Staffed by the Learning Support team to help direct you towards success in your course.

3.30pm - 5pm in the library

Tuesday at Les Ozouets

Wednesday at Coutanchez

Thursday at Delancey

LEARNER VOICE - 'You Said, We did'

The Learner Voice process is to enable us to shape and develop the College experience for you as a learner. There will be feedback provided to you from the most recent survey so you will be clear on the outcomes of your comments.

You will shortly see 'You Said, We Did' displays appearing around the College detailing some of your feedback.


Please take a look at the #LearnerZones that have been created at each campus.

More information is included in the note from Jeff Stuart at the top of this newsletter.

TEDx Youth Event - Thursday 18 February

The aim of the TEDx Youth event is to provide a platform for the young people of Guernsey to inspire, engage and to raise the bar for the perception of what is possible to achieve and deliver the message to Guernsey that "Nothing Is Impossible". Lastly, it aims to address a wide range of disciplines covering every aspect of life on the island.

A big named speaker will be coming over, as well as local young people talking at this event.

For tickets, please click on the link below:


Creative Writing Competitions

This month saw the second of five new Creative Writing competitions, sponsored by AO Hall. This is the competition’s second year after the success of the inaugural competition and the publication of our 2015 / 2016 anthology, which can be picked up for free on all three of our campuses.

The challenge for the second competition was to produce a Paradelle - "an absurd mix of the dead easy and the nearly impossible!" invented by American Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. A tough challenge which many students from across college rose to, making the judge’s decision incredibly difficult. The winning entries were from Gracie Corbin, John Morris and Zach Rault and are included below.

Big image


Everything had changed

Everything had changed

I thought I was dreaming

I thought I was dreaming

Dreaming was everything

I thought I had changed

The night before was when I fell

The night before was when I fell

Nothing was the same

Nothing was the same

Was the night I fell

When the same was nothing before

I didn’t like being this way

I didn’t like being this way

I feel horrible inside

I feel horrible inside

I like being horrible

I didn’t feel this way inside

Everything didn’t feel the same

Nothing like I had before

Inside when I fell this way

Dreaming being changed was horrible

I thought I was the night

I was

By Gracie Corbin

The Forgotten Desert

A man stands on the edge of a glimmering desert

A man stands on the edge of a glimmering desert

Gazing at the ruins of his broken city

Gazing at the ruins of his broken city

A broken man at the desert of a city

His glimmering edge Stands gazing of the ruins

Walking though the sand of a lost land

Walking though the sand of a lost land

Hoping to find riches and relics

Hoping to find riches and relics

Walking though lost riches and relics

Hoping to find the land of sand

Deep inside an ancient tomb

Deep inside an ancient tomb

Torch in hand and a sword in other

Torch in hand and a sword in other

In a tomb inside an ancient hand

And torch in other sword

Inside of a deep tomb stands glimmering ruins

A torch and his ancient sword hoping

Through the desert of riches in an edge

A city of land gazing at the hand

And the broken man lost in sand

Walking to find other relics

By John Morris

Hungry Like the Wolf

Running like the howling wind

Running like the howling wind

My senses on fire like hot coals

My senses on fire like hot coals

Howling, like the running wind

Fire like senses on my hot coals

Night in the city moon is ablaze

Night in the city moon is ablaze

The shaking ground beneath my feet

The shaking ground beneath my feet

City ablaze in the moon night is

The feet shaking, my ground beneath

Feeling the hunger inside

Feeling the hunger inside

A smell like a sound

A smell like a sound

Hunger feeling the inside

A sound like a smell

My hunger is feeling the fire

Howling like hot coals

The running wind shaking

Like senses on my feet

Like a moon ablaze in the night city like a smell

Feeling the sound, is inside

By Zach Rault

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Previous winners Vienna Bostrom-De La Mare and Zach Rault with representatives from AO Hall.

Next Creative Writing Competition

Well done to the three of you and good luck to all of you who take part in the next competition. This will commence on Monday 15 February and will be based on the image below, made famous from New Year 2015 - 'creating a piece of fiction from an image'.

Entries can be emailed to phile@gcfe.net or jenniferl@gcfe.net

There will be 1 winner from each category (Access & Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3) and the prize is a Kindle Fire.

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For staff and students.

Come and join in with this circuit training session, suitable for all abilities.

A combination of exercises throughout the session with the aim of getting fit, losing weight, gaining strength and most importantly boosting your mood!

On Wednesday mornings:

Early bird session at LOC 7:30 - 8:15am

Second session is held at DEL 9 - 9:45am

Any queries please contact Matt (matts@gcfe.net).


Over the past few months the Corporate Services at the College has been engaged in a service review. Each key function within this area has been reviewed by the person responsible for the area, against an agreed template, to identify current strengths and possible areas for improvement. The review also includes on-line and physical visits to other colleges with similar services, and a peer review, in which another service head carries out a shorter but independent review. We also have external review for IT services and External consultancy on the College Finance reporting processes being carried out concurrently. The services being reviewed are:

Caretaking headed by Jeff Le P

Exams headed by Sam Roberts

Front of House Services headed by Laura le Maitre

HR (in conjunction with SED) Headed by John Norman

IT (in conjunction with SED and ITU and Aspire2B) Headed by Jason Smith

Finance (in conjunction with SED and Offshore accounts) Headed by John Norman

MIS Headed by Nicola le Feuvre

Performing Arts Centre Headed by Kerry L

Technicians and Estates Headed by Tony Jephcott

As part of the review, all staff and students will be asked for their opinions on the various services that you use. Your views are really valued in this process and I hope that you will make time available to take part fully.

Please access the link below and complete your questionnaire by 8th February:


The findings of the reviews will be collated and presented to the Board of Governors on 26 February.

There are 3 Knowledge Café Style meetings for students organised at each campus over the coming 2 weeks. During these meetings key themes emerging from these service reviews will be put forward for further comments. Be sure to take part to have your voice heard. Details of these meetings:

Monday 15 February, 12.00 – 12:30, Refectory Coutanchez

Tuesday 16 February 12.30 – 13:00 Refectory LOC

Wednesday 17 February 12.00 – 12:30 Refectory Delancey

Digital Greenhouse - 'Enabling Ideas. Expanding Horizons'

The Digital Greenhouse is now open. This is a States of Guernsey funded initiative dedicated to growing Guernsey's digital and creative sectors in collaboration with business, government and the community.

Situated over two floors at Rectory House in Market Square, St Peter Port, the premises have been fitted out using local suppliers with the aim of creating a fresh and exciting venue that is both flexible and able to deliver an inspirational facility, so as to provide a focus for creativity and innovation.

The Digital Greenhouse will also provide a venue for skills training, development and learning and will be able to host regular events and activities that promote, showcase or share knowledge on technology and innovation opportunities.

Further details of events can be found on the Digital Greenhouse website:


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The future structure of secondary schools and post-16 education

The Education Department has published their proposals for the future structure of secondary schools & post-16 education, including the future funding of the grant-aided Colleges, selection at 11 and the size and number of secondary schools.

Details of the proposals, frequently asked questions and further information has been published on the Education Department website: www.education.gg/ysycproposals

There is also a video on the proposals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgImaq91pcE

2016 Lecture Programme (Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts) 7:30pm:

HMS Queen Elizabeth & the F-35B Fighter - 10 February

The presentation will discuss the status and engineering challenges associated with the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth which is due to enter service shortly along with the Fleet Air Arm's F-35B jet fighters. The F-35B is the Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) version of this fifth generation jet fighter which is going to provide a quantum leap in capability over previous fighters operated by the Royal Navy.

Powering the London Olympics in 2012 - 23 March

The success of the 2012 London Olympics was not only down to the athletes but also to a huge Engineering project involving stadiums and infrastructure. Brian Stratton of UK Power Networks will explain how this prestige project, which required much innovative thought and involved thousands of contractors was undertaken successfully in the required timescale.

Enjoy the term.