Plate Project

By: Chelsea Cross

Seafloor Spreading Evidence


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I think that these theories are valid. They give evidence that seafloor spreading is true. In my first link, i have a power point. It tells us that the young and old rocks are evidence. When the magma comes up, It creates new rocks. The young rocks are in the middle of the ocean, where the seafloor spreading occurs, and the old rocks are on the outside where they get pushed. In my other links, I have evidence saying that there are Magnetic reversals. Nobody knows when it's going to change back to South, and nobody knows if it's even going to effect anything on Earth.

Continental Drift Evidence


Pg. 141 Worksheet

I think these pieces of evidence are also valid. I agree with these statements because there has been proof for the. In my first link there is a powerpoint all on Continental Drift. The proof that Pangaea, and that continental drift really happened are that the scientists found the same fresh water animal fossil on many different continents. They also found similar rock structures on different continents, and warm climate plants found in cold areas, and cold weather plants found in warm weather areas. There are many pieces of evidence that my links show, and i believe that most of these theories and clues are valid.

Plate Tectonics

Tectonic Plates are big, oddly shaped structures beneath the earth's surface. They float on the athenosphere, and they can collide, Move apart from eachother, or slide past eachother. In other words those are called boundaries. Convergent boundaries, Divergent boundaries, and transform boundaries.


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