Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris – Must visit areas

The Ngorongoro crater: this is an area that is an 8th world wonder and a major highlight in most safaris in Tanzania. It teems with amazing game which made the extinct crater their home years ago. The most amazing factor is that the crater walls act as barriers for animals to leave hence the wonder how they got to the crater. You will find thousands of game species within the crater including the Big Five.

The Serengeti: the national park is a great place for game viewing hence is an area that cannot be missed on safaris to the country. Actually most of the safaris will have this as a major highlight to visit. The vast plains are home to numerous game species and birds and if you are within the country in good time, you will have the chance to catch a glimpse of The Great Migration.

The Tarangire: the woodland area perfect for safaris is most popular for the huge herds of elephants that it has. It is not a wonder to find more than 300 elephants in one herd. The enormous acacia and also baobab trees found within the area also make a great beauty and attraction within the area. You will find it featuring in most safaris in Tanzania.

The Selous: this game reserve has Rufiji River feeding it. This is among the largest rivers in Africa and has made the reserve very popular in the country and beyond. The fact is that half of the elephant population in Tanzania is found here and it is also home to thousands of other animals. The game viewing opportunities are endless from here.

The Ruaha: it is also a national park that is mostly popular for bird watching opportunities. It has more than 500 species of bird and is indeed a paradise for bird watchers from the different parts of the world. It also has fame for being home to large buffalo and elephant herds and it is also within this park that you have the chance of viewing the lesser and greater kudu and the roan and sable antelope. It’s an area that is worth visiting during safari holidays in Tanzania.

The Mahale: the mountains are home to wild chimpanzees believed to be the last in the entire East Africa. The mountain region also offers great views and you will have the chance to enjoy other interesting activities during the holidays.

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