Simba "Tragic Hero"

Dara Artino

What is a tragic hero?

1. A character of noble stature, greatness, and virtue.

2.A tragic hero is not perfect, the have flaws and are often elevated to a higher position in society.

3.The Hero's downfall is partially their own fault. Sometimes due to lack of judgement, arrogant pride, or over-confidence.

4. The hero's misfortune isn't wholly deserved and the punishment is usually more severe than the crime.

5.The hero's fall is not a total loss. They gain awareness and self-awareness.

6. Though the tragedy is sad, it does not leave the audience in depression.

Why Simba?

After the Death of his father, Mufasa, he is made to believe that it is his fault and he should run away and never come back. Not very old and experienced yet, SImba listens to what he is told and runs away. The worst part of it all is that his own Uncle Scar told him those things and made him feel that way.

SImba was next in line to be king but his Uncle was jealous and desired to rule. After years of being away, one of SImba's childhood friends finds him and tells him of the terrible things Scar has done during his reign of power. SImba still feels the guilt of his father's death and felt as if he nobody would accept him if he came back, so he wont go back home to make everything right again.

After some convincing from Mufasa's spirit, he returns to help his friends and family. Simba

The Lion King - Simba Finds Out The Truth
Simba had the potential to be a great king at a young age and follow in his fathers footsteps. His fear of being rejected, combined with the the motives of his uncle, kept him from becoming who he was supposed to be. Eventually he does become great but not until after a struggle.