2016 Open Enrollment

Choose your Benefit Ambassadors!

Identify who will assist you in leading the online 2016 Open Enrollment initiative!

Identify who will assist you in leading the online 2016 Open Enrollment initiative!

What is a Benefit Ambassador?

The Benefit Ambassador assists employees at their location with the 2016 Open Enrollment online election process. This includes:

  • Assisting employee where to find online tools and educational resources to empower employees to educate themselves on benefit plan options available.
  • Participating in webinar led training sessions provided by the Central Support Benefits team.
  • Distributing Open Enrollment materials throughout the location.
  • Tracking participation progress at the location.
  • Leading the competition by reaching 100% in participation!
  • Coordinating weekly drawings for awesome prizes.
  • Directing employees to the Central Support Benefits team hotline or email for benefit related questions.

All benefit eligible employees must take action to enroll or decline their medical plan option for 2016 during the annual Open Enrollment window (Nov 2 – Nov 16). By law each location must have meet a minimum 95% online election threshold to avoid a $2,000 per year / per employee fine in 2016 under Health Care Reform laws.

Choose your Ambassador

You may have more than one Benefit Ambassador at your location! To receive important training and Open Enrollment communication please update the Central Support Benefits team via the Common X Drive > HR & Benefits > Benefits, LOA & ADA > 2016 BENEFITS > Prepare teams for 2016 Open Enrollment.

Key Dates

  • Oct 1: Deadline for Benefit Ambassador identification.

  • Oct 1: Leader and Ambassador Instruction Packet.

  • Oct 1-7: Posters and Materials delivered to locations for posting

  • Oct 12-16: Benefit Ambassador training led by Central Support.

  • Oct 15: Open Enrollment Newsletters arrive to employee homes.

  • Oct 28: Open Enrollment Presentation online, live at 9am Pacific

  • Nov 2-16: Open Enrollment Window