Intense friendships

do boys have less drama than girls?


An intense friendship is when there is a lot of drama happening,like lies,gossip,and jealousy.some people think that boys have the the same amount of drama like in a girls friend ship. however girls have much more drama in there friendships than boys do.

girls friendships are more fragile

  • A recent study of 10-15 year old boys and girls found that girls friendships are more fragile. Girls will say and do more hurtful things to each other more than boys would.
  • A lot of times a girl will get jealous of another girl or tell lies which could cause problems in their friendship.
  • Most girls tend to take things more personally than boys do.

boys friendships are usually built around a sport.

  • A lot of boys like playing group games with rules an competition.
  • Competence and skill are widely respected and helps them form lasting friendships.
  • Boys enjoy testing themselves against others and many of their friendships begin in a sport or activity.

boys don't tend to gossip like girls do

  • Constant conversation about other kids (gossip) becomes the glue of many friendships and can cause disruption.
  • When someone gossips about a friend it can erode the trust in that friendship.
  • "As boys get older the intensity of their friendships fade because their afraid of being seen as to girly." says Dr. Way, a professor at New York University, where she is an expert in developmental adolescent psychology focusing on male friendships.