How to internet


The internet

The internet is a large and endless place filled with facts, cat videos and most importantly memes. Just kidding memes aren't that important.(if your lame)

there is also alot of no no sites on the internet turn on safe search

the internet is more than just a place to look at cats

The internet, in the right hands, is much more useful than any book. a book usually just lists one thing, the internet can have anything your looking for and more. Still not convinced? The internet has almost an endless amount of pages. When a book eventually has to end. The internet is endless and will probably never end unless we have a zombie apocalypse and my face gets smashed into the keybdahosbdgshbkarhaglfsghlashhswwkergtfehjfviucaerwbhjegyuds
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internet bullying

Internet bullying is VERY serious and i'm not being sarcastic.(yes i am) its easy to stop or avoid internet bullying if your being internet bullied don't be a nerd and get an adult just block that user. And if you cant block them do something really hardcore, stand up, turn off the computer, and walk away.