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November 15, 2015

Art as a Comprehension Strategy

Students can show their understanding many ways. The article below is a wealth of information about using art to increase student comprehension. The idea that students create a visual image is powerful--and ensures engagement and representational thinking. We know that when students create they are on the "top" of Bloom's Taxonomy and this higher level thinking and description of learning creates a memorable effect. If you create it, you likely won't forget it! I recommend setting time parameters when using this activity and allowing students the opportunity to go back later to embellish. The strategy was part of several data team discussions last week--applied to math context problems, reading comprehension and prewriting. I love the pictures of the fish and their math angle mouths! (A topic 4th grade is currently exploring!) Check out the article below! (The site has other great resources as well.)

United Way Campaign

We will collect a ONE time donation from students for participation in the week's activities. Donations will be collected where breakfast is being served. Homeroom teachers will not collect donations. All multiple receipt forms for MUW will be at the central locations: cafeteria and upstairs flex space! Student goal: $2.015.


Monday: Silly Sock Day

Tuesday: Mismatch Clothing Day

Wednesday: Hat Day

Thursday: Game Day--Support your favorite team

Friday: Twin Day

Monday: Drink Delivery Cart

Tuesday: Chips and Dips

Wednesday: Baked Potato Bar for Lunch

Thursday: Coffee Bar

Friday: Sweet Treats

Krista Mornar will send out a seperate SMORE doc with more details on staff campaign. Please consider a payroll deduction to help the district reach our goal of $50,000. For a bit of inspiration, you can watch the video from Ryan Allan again (Here’s the link to the video ) or think about the positive effects of Born Learning, Kindergarten Academy and Summer ROAR--all supported at Southside through MUW!

Make Closing the Gap for LEP a Professional Research Priority

Race to the Top Teacher Survey

As part of our federal grant with Race to the Top, we are required to reflect and give feedback on Kid Friendly program components and progress. It is time for TEACHERS to complete the Standards and Indicators Scholastic Review (SISR) teacher survey. Below are the instructions and other information for completing the survey:

Only certified instructional personnel should complete the survey.

· The survey must be completed in one sitting.

· The survey should take less than 25 minutes to complete.

· Survey Deadline: December 4, 2015.

· Click here to begin the survey: http://www.wku.edu/rocksolid/surveys.php

If you encounter problems with the survey, please contact the survey developers at rocksolid@wku.edu or 270-745-3260. A progress report will be sent to principals every week in order to monitor the percentage of teachers who have completed the survey.

Southside Teacher of the Year

Celebrate great teaching at Southside! Nominate one of our excellent Southside teachers for the SCPS Teacher of the Year award! Eligible teachers must have 3 years of teaching experience in Shelby County Public Schools, and they must be currently employed in a full-time (1.0) position.

Please complete the nomination form sent out by Robyn & submit it to Robyn Marcum via email or hardcopy/mailbox by 3:00 pm on Monday, Nov. 16th.

*The following teachers have already received this honor:

Mandy Dykes

Sarah Smith

Makenzi Hunter

Amanda Atkins

Thinking Strategies Institute at Blair this Week

Please park on the far EAST side of the lot this week as the Blair Center will be packed with excited TSI participants--Emily Tower and Samantha Sharp to name two! We are not hosting any classroom visits this round, but please support through considerate parking this week!

Student Growth Goal Work Sessions

Susie and Robyn will provide sessions for feedback and questions on your Student Growth Goals in the library after school from 2:45-3:45 on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, November 18 (Susie)
  • Thursday, November 20 (Robyn)
  • Monday, November 23 (Robyn)
Additional self-support can be found on the following link from KDE:


DEADLINE: Your SGG must be completed for review in your TPGES slides by 10:00AM on November 25th.

IMPORTANT: Preserve Our WiFi Band Width

Thanks to Anthony Shiola for the reminder:

With the amount of devices across the District now, we need to help alleviate the stress on the wireless. As many of you know, there are some days that you have issues with the simple task of logging on. I have a very helpful hint to help alleviate some of these issues.

  1. If you have ANY devices that are NOT District owned (Cell phones, personal iPads, etc.) take them off of the iDevices wireless and add them to BYOD. That is what it is there for.
  2. Turn wifi off on these devices if they are not being used for instructional purposes.

These simple steps will help assure that there are enough IP address for the devices that require them.

Math Embedded PD Follow Up

Thanks to Robyn Marcum for this follow up information:

Charlene Ruble, math consultant from bby Publications, was at SSE on Tuesday & Wednesday of last week. She & Robyn worked with our Kindergarten-3rd grade teachers on building students' number sense & place value understanding through the use of What's My Place, What's My Value? Mrs. Ruble also worked with our 4th & 5th grade teachers on building students' understanding of fractions through the use of Fraction Bait. After her visit, Mrs. Ruble set a few goals for our teachers to accomplish by the time she returns to SSE on January 12-13.


1. Math notebooks or journals for every student

2. Increase rigor by having high expectations and giving students more choices.

3. Evidence of moving through the steps to abstract

-Concrete (manipulatives)

-Grids, (five frames, ten frames, twenty frames, and hundred grids)


-Abstract or other algorithm showing place value, relationships or properties

Feel free to contact Mrs. Ruble with questions between her visits! Her email address is: cruble105@gmail.com

Class Goal Setting: Behavioral and Academic

I love watching classrooms of students come together around a goal! Everyone is excited about how the class can reach the desired outcome. When teachers lead a class in crafting the class goal for the day, they are saying: "This is what is important today. This will make a difference!" I noticed during classroom visits last week that the majority of our class goal setting during Morning Meeting center on behavioral goals. (Being kind, Treating others with respect, Listening....) Behavioral goals are very important and they help to create a climate that enhances learning. I challenge you to make a behavioral AND academic goal for the class this week during your important time together in the morning. Focusing the class "group thought" on what BIG academic goal they wish to accomplish for the day will set the tone that we expect to achieve and we agree to support one another in the effort to reach the goal. Remember: What we talk about is what we care about!

This Week at Southside

Nov 16-20 Metro United Way Week at Southside


Monday, November 16

5th Grade Data Team 7:45AM (Math)

I team meetings during planning-Meyer & Mitchell

Behavior I team mtgs 2:40-4; Valerio, Roberts, Childers

District Science Team Meeting 3:00 @CO

Southside Report to the Board of Education 7:45PM @ CO

Tuesday, November 17

Dr. Neihof and Lisa Smith visit Southside 9:00-11:30

RTI Day with Krista Mornar

Tuesday Folder goes home

NO Staff Meeting: Next week Writing PD until 5:00!

Wednesday, November 18

TPGES/SGG Feedback Session 2:45-3:45 Library (Susie)

Thursday, November 19

K-4 Data Teams @planning (Reading--Running Records)

New Teacher PLC 2:45 (Kaitlin Mitchell's Room)

Born Learning Workshop #6

Friday, November 20

Santina OUT @ Lead ARC Chair training 9:00-11:00

Picture Day Make Up

SBDM Committee Meeting: 7:00AM

Morning Meeting 7:40-8:00

Lunch and Learn Family Workshop-Leader in Me 11:30 Conference Room

Coming Up

Nov 23 Music Tech Assembly 9:30 (Gym)

Thanksgiving Staff Potluck Lunch (upstairs workroom)

Special Called SBDM Meeting 3:00 (Conference Room)

Nov. 24 Author Visit: Suzanne Nelson

Thanksgiving Dinner in Cafeteria--visitors welcome!

Writing PD/Staff Meeting 2:45-5:00

Nov 25 TPGES/SGG/PGP/POP/PD Log DUE in Google Slides by 10:00AM

Nov 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Nov 30 EL Parent Academy @SSE 5:30-6:30

Dec 1, 2, and 3 PBL Follow Up Training (1 day for each participant)

Dec. 1 EL Parent Academy @ SSE 5:30

Dec. 3 Born Learning Graduation Event 5:30

Dec 4 Race to the Top Teacher Survey Deadline

Dec 5 Southside Staff Holiday Party (Emily and Peter Tower's Home)

Dec 8 KTIP Cycle 1 Meetings

Dec 10 Schoolwide Field Trip to Collins for Little Mermaid

SBDM Meeting 4:00 Conference Room

Dec 11 Southside Economics Walking Trip--Downtown Shelbyville

Dec 12 Southside SantaFest 8:00-11:00

Dec 14-18 PTO Holiday Shop for students

Dec 19-Jan 3 Winter Break