WRMS Staff Weekly Update

October 14, 2016

PSO Fall Festival

Wednesday, October 26th from 3-5 will be the first PSO sponsored Fall Festival. Vendors will be here around 2:00 to begin set-up.

Permission slips and money are due on or before October 18th. Please collect during homerooms and bring to the main office.


1st Round observers are posted in the "Misc" folder in "For Staff" for your reference. You can ask your observer who will be doing your next observation.

PBSIS Survey

The PBSIS committee is looking for your feedback about what you would like your role to be for our Fall 2017 Instructional Event. Please complete this Staff Inventory-Instructional Event survey so we can gain information about your preferences for that day. No plans have been made yet for next year, but this information will be used when making those plans. Please complete the survey by November 9th. Thank you very much for your time!

Morning Routine Changes

To accommodate the before school clubs and activities, we have moved all students to the gym/MC/Room 11 on Mondays. Once the morning athletic clubs begin, Tuesday-Friday students will be in the cafeteria/MC/Room 11. We'll let you know once that change occurs. Please adjust your morning duties accordingly. Thanks!

Halloween Costumes

The following went home to parents again today...

Please be advised that students will be permitted to wear costumes all day on Monday, October 31, 2016 for Halloween. It is important to be mindful of the following expectations as you and your child plan a potential costume to be worn to school:

  • Normal school dress code will be in effect.
  • Weapons of any sort (real or fake) are strictly prohibited. If they are brought to school, they will be dealt with according to the code of conduct.
  • Masks, head coverings, or face paint that make a student unrecognizable are not permitted.
  • Costumes may not prohibit a student's ability to partake in normal classroom instruction (e.g. he/she must be able to sit in a desk, students must not block/obstruct hallway traffic while in a costume).
  • Costumes must be in "good taste".
  • Candy is not to be brought to school or distributed.
  • Administration may exercise their own judgment to determine whether or not a costume is school appropriate.

Additionally, given the concern with the "creepy clowns", we will be especially sensitive to clown costumes and their potential emotional impact on their peers.

Please remember the normal instruction of the school is paramount. If you and/or your child feel his/her costume violates any of these expectations, do not come to school in it, rather wait until after school hours to dress in the costume. Should a student come to school inappropriately dressed, the code of discipline will be followed.


10/17 - Christine Christie

10/22 - Ken Russo

Important Upcoming Dates

10/15 - Color Run

10/17 - Faculty Meeting

10/19 - Flu Vaccines @ HS

10/20 - Lincoln Investment, Jonathan Peck, Teacher's room 10:30am - 1:15 pm

10/20 - BOE Meeting

10/21 - 7th Grade Internet Safety Program (more information to come)

10/24 - Department Meetings

10/26 - Team Meetings

10/26 - Fall Festival, 3-5PM (10/27 rain date)

10/28 - Most Safe Schools Trainings due

10/31 - PLC work (or alternate date if requested)

Weekly Update Items

If there is anything you'd like added to the weekly update, please send it to me by the end of the day each Thursday. Thanks!

Old Items...

Google Sites:

Remember that when you submit your website for Jeff to link, that it is complete and has all the necessary requirements. Click here to get to the most recently updated requirements for your Google sites.

Also, if you are starting your work on a club or activity page, please publish it with "wrms" at the beginning of the url (e.g.: wrmsstudentcouncil)

Approval for Electronic Tools/Sites:

In order to gain approval for use of an electronic communications tool per policy 3283/4283, please complete this form. If the form is not submitted annually, then you are not approved to use the tool, site, etc. with your students.

Student Discipline:

When assigning a student lunch detention, please send Ken an email with a brief synopsis. This will allow us to enter it into Genesis so that we can track disciplinary infractions and enforce expectations with more consistency.


All-Call: 6810, wait for a dial tone, press #01

Room-to-room: same as before

Calling out: 9 + the number

911: 9-1-1 or 9-9-1-1

If you want to test the all-call before 7:45 or after school one day, just call the main office first to give us a head's up that you're doing so.

PD Conferences:

Unfortunately my PD budget is expended for this year. So if I you have already put in for a conference this year, I'm afraid I will have to limit it to the one. If you have not, but are interested in going to one, please put in the paperwork and I'll see what I can do.

Packing Slips:

Please remember to bring your packing slips to Joyce as soon as your order has come in and is complete.