Oscar de le Renta

By: Mika Blanco

About the designer

Educational Preparation: At the age of 19, he went to study painting in Spain at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. For extra money, he drew clothes for newspapers and fashion houses.

Personal life & family background: Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo was born on July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A maternal uncle, Arístides Fiallo Cabral, was a doctor, lawyer, and architect, who received every degree the University of Santo Domingo could confer. Another, Fabio Fiallo, was a diplomat and poet. On his father's side, Renta great-great grandfather Jose Ortiz de la Ranta was the first mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico elected by popular vote. He had the distinction of serving as mayor eight times, the most ever — 1812–1814, 1815–1816, 1820–1821, 1823–1826, 1837–1838, 1842–1843, and 1843–1844, and in 1846. De la Renta was raised Catholic in a protective family. His mother died from complications of multiple sclerosis when he was 18.

After John Davis Lodge wife, the U.S. Ambassador to Spain saw some of his dress sketches, she commissioned de la Renta to design a gown for her daughter. The dress appeared on the cover of Life magazine that fall. He quickly became He quickly became interested in the world of fashion design and began sketching for leading Spanish fashion houses, which soon led to an apprenticeship with Spain's most renowned couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga.

He then died this year on October 20. Due to cancer.

Design background: In 1963, de la Renta turned to Diana Vreeland, the editor-in-chief of Vogue for advice, saying that what he really wanted was to "get into ready to wear, because that's where the money is".Vreeland replied, "Then go to Arden because you will make your reputation faster. She is not a designer, so she will promote you. At the other place, you will always be eclipsed by the name of Dior." De la Renta proceeded to work for Arden for two years in New York before he went to work for Jane Derby, an American fashion house. When Derby died in August 1965, de la Renta took over the label.From 1993 to 2002, de la Renta designed the haute couture collection for the house of Balmain, becoming the first Dominican to design for a French couture house.In 2006, the Oscar de la Renta label diversified into bridal wear. De la Renta's designs have been worn by a diverse group of distinguished women and celebrities. De la Renta's brand saw international wholesale growth beginning in 2003, under the direction of CEO Alex Bolen, from five to seventy-five locations. De la Renta's ready-to-wear designs are available in his retail stores, online, and with select wholesale partners worldwide.George W. Bush Presidential Center hosted an exhibit in 2014 entitled "Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style" which shared the designer's creations for Mrs. Bush and America's First Ladies.

Business size and location: Collection in New York and has many licensing agreements

Characteristics types of work http://www.oscardelarenta.com/holiday-shop/gifts-under-500 in this website there are many types of characteristics in his lone of work, from candles to home and simply to clothes and fashion.

Relative Price Range:It all depends what you are getting it can be from $35 to 6,490+

Types of Clients:Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope Cruz and Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has been a favorite of many U.S. first ladies, including Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. But one name is still missing from his list: Michelle Obama. And there is many more clients that he has.

Facts:Oscar died in October due to cancer.

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Spring/Summer time Line

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  • Age: Age group doesn't apply to him it runs from toddlers to older people
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Education and occupation: Academy of San Fernando in Madrid.
  • Ethnic background: Dominican Republic


  • people: people with a high income that live in the city


  • Personalities: everyone is different so it depends on the person
  • Lifestyle: Upper class with a high income

Where would the designer sell this item?

Where I think the designer would sell this item is H&M because they have some of the clothing that is similar to his work. And I think it will fit perfectly into H&M.

Price $$

For price it depends. He does more dresses than anything and he usually charges 6,000+ for it but for it to be in H&M it will more likely be $25-$30 since it isn't his line of work but fairly close to it.

3 ways to promote the fashion look

  • Magazines
  • Commercials
  • ads on websites

Description of the product

A fair description on my product will be very comfortable to wear, with nice material, but yet fashionable for people to wear. I don't want my product looking cheap. I still want people to see the quality of it for a lower price than what Oscar would make it.

Clothing for men and women, even little kids.

You'll highly be comfortable and stylish