Battle of Gettysburg

Civil War


The Union and the Confederates. The Union were a group of people that lived in the north. They had factories but not alot of farmland, Slavery was illegal there. The confederates were a group of people that wanted to break away into a new form of government. They didn't have to many factories, but they had a lot of farm field. They believed in slavory.


The war was started after the confederates when they won a battle at Chancellorsville, Virginia in May 1863. After that success they decided to move more north toward Pennsylvania.


The 1st day- 14,160

the 2nd day- 8,220

the 3rd day- 35,400

total of 57,780


Before the Confederates Moved toward Gettysburg, The won a battle at Chancellorsville Virginia. They then moved north toward Gettysburg Pennsylvania ( just North of Maryland)


The Battle of Gettysburg was fought for three days in 1863, from Wednesday, July 1st until Friday, July 3rd.


The battle was fought because the confederates thought that the union would give up and let them bring there slaves North and West. But that did not happen the Union won.


The war was so important because that was the only time for the confederates to take over the union. Since they lost the battle, they lost support from other people around the world. If they would have won that battle they could have kept pushing forward, and been the more powerful group, when you are the more powerful group you get more respect and more members join