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May 2016

It's really a "no-brainer" just how important the brain is to the way your entire body works (I couldn't help myself with the pun). But seriously, the human brain is incredible. It is continuously sensing, processing, interpreting and integrating TRILLIONS of bits of information each second from cells and body parts inside, as well as external environmental clues such as temperature, sounds, colors, etc. The brain uses all of this information to create a picture of our reality and uses it to make the best decision on how to regulate and control every system in our bodies (immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system... ALL THE SYSTEMS!) And all of this occurs without us even having to think about it.

Did you know that your spine plays a MAJOR role in how well your brain is able to process and interpret this information? Your brain relies on proper alignment and movement from the spine to do its job at the highest level. When the regular stresses of everyday living cause areas of the spine to get stuck or lose their proper alignment it throws a glitch in the brain's processing abilities. It interferes with brain processing as well as creates interference in the spinal cord which serves as the middle man between the brain and body. An analogy is the brain trying to do those trillions of jobs with static noise turned way up in the background.

This is the simplicity and power behind a chiropractic adjustment. By adjusting these dysfunctional areas of the spine known as subluxations, the adjustment allows for better brain function. This has huge implications for the body and why we see so many amazing results once people commit to regular spinal care. Unfortunately so many people still feel like Chiropractic isn't for them because their back doesn't hurt. That would be like saying brushing my teeth isn't for me because I don't have cavities. Regardless of symptoms, conditions, or how one feels, a clear brain-body connection allows for higher performance in all areas of life.

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Brent Vuyovich, DC


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