An explanation


Subitizing (rhymes with scuba diving) means to know how many without counting. As an example, when rolling a die, adults generally know "how many" dots without counting them. By being able to recognize the numbers and patterns immediately it enhances their sense of number. This also helps students understand the part-part-whole relationship of number bonds.

In Kindergarten, students were working on being able to fluently subitize groups up to 5. In First Grade, we do a lot of our subtilizing work when using the ten frame. Here is a short video that explains the ten frame and how important it can be to understanding numbers at the primary level.

We have been playing several games in class to practice subtizing and the ten frame. These are all FREE resources!

iPad app:

Online Game:

Cards to Print for subtilizing practice:

I hope this helps you have a better understanding of our current math!