Geo-Tour of Kelowna

By Emma.S & Sarah.H

The awesomest, scariest experience of your life

This trip will keep you on the tip of your toes wanting to know more about amazing, creepy, mystical things called............ ROCKS!!!!!!!

Knox Mountain Lookout

Your crazy, mysterious adventure will start when you get on the school bus from K.L.O. Middle School to Knox Mountain Lookout. Some interesting landmarks you can see from the lookout are: Mt. Boucherie, The Okanagan Lake, Bear Creek, Layer Cake Mountain. These land forms were formed by 4 processes they are: erosion's, tectonic plates, glacier movement, humans, and volcanic activity. There are two plates that run down the middle of The Okanagan Lake, the Pacific Ocean plate and the North American plate. The lake level now is much lower than it used to be, in the past it was as high as the lookout. Fun fact: Knox Mountain is the namesake of Arthur Booth Knox who settled in 1874 as one of the first ranchers in the Okanagan.

Gorman's Mill

We took the mystical, crazy school bus from Knox Mountain to Gorman's Mill. At this site we found some cool rocks like thin black layers of coal and also we found some other rocks and inside they had plant fossils. The thin black layer's indicate that when the layers were formed there was intense heat and pressure.

Mt Boucherie

Once again we got on the amazing school bus form Gorman's Mill to Mt Boucherie. Mt Boucherie is a dormant volcano. The kind of rock sample we got from Mt Boucherie was called extrusive igneous and it had little air pockets in it. Mt Boucherie is much smaller now than 50 million years ago because of all the rain and snow and erosions.

Layer Cake Mountain

We went from Mt Boucherie to Layer Cake Mountain on a amazing yellow school bus. The theory of Layer Cake Mountain is that plate movements and and big lava flow gave it it's unique appearance.
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