tips to pass the EOG


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Strategies to Pass the Reading

1. Cover your whole paper and brainstorm ideas. Think about the story - cover up the answers and think of the answer in your mind.

2.Look back in the passage to find the answer.

3.Write down some notes on the passage. You can write on your EOG book.

4. If you think it's the answer, still look over all the answer choices. Don't mark the first one you come across. Mark one answer "maybe" and the others wrong. Then select the BEST answer.

5. Do not rush! Take your time. You have all the time you need. You can work on the EOG for hours and hours.

6. A good strategy is to find the main idea of the story. This means find the main topic of the story.

7. Find the rising action in the story.

8. Find the problem of the story. This is called conflict.

9. Double check over your answers.

10. Underline the important things.

11. List facts backing up the main idea.

12. Look for important words.

13. If you don't know the answer, skip it and come back to it later. Mark it so you know that you need to come back to answer it.

14. Be prepared. The night before you need to go to bed early. The morning of the test you should eat a big, healthy breakfast.

15.Pay attention to the instructions given during the test.

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