Literature in the 1920's

Trends in Literature in the 1920's

Causes of Literature in the 1920's

One of the causes of the burst in literature in the 1920's is the Harlem Renaissance that was based around African American literature. Another cause for literature is F. Scott Fitzgerald who was a famous author back in the 1920's who wrote popular books that are still read and loved today. The final cause for literature is Ernest Hemingway who was an American author who wrote novels that were also very famous back in the 1920's

Effects of Literature in the 1920's

Now here are the effects that happened in the 1920's because of Literature. One was the African-American poetry and novels such as Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald gave us great novels like The Great Gatsby which showed us the parties and money of the rich in the 1920's. The last effect is the novels made by Ernest Hemingway who gave us the Old Man and The Sea and poems such as Still I Rise

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance happened when African Americans all migrated to the North to find fairer jobs and better wages. The Harlem part comes from the neighborhood of Harlem in New York City. This experienced rapid growth and had many African American inspired artistic and political movements. This is where the Renaissance part of Harlem Renaissance comes into play. What comes out of the Harlem Renaissance is such a creative flow of poetry and literature from African Americans.
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F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald was the one who defined the 1920's as the Jazz age. He wrote "It was an age of miracles. It was an age of art, it was an age of excess, and it was an age of satire." Fitzgerald was know as a playboy which had an impact on his image of a serious and mature writer. He had many extravagant parties, but when he ran in to creativity trouble he moved to France. He was apart of the Lost Generation that moved away from the United States. There, he found the inspiration for The Great Gatsby. This was a good move for Fitzgerald because his book later became very famous and well known. The lavish lifestyle that Fitzgerald led marked what kind of decade the 1920's are. A decade of overindulgence and wealth for the top few.
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Ernest Hemingway

Like Fitzgerald, Hemingway was also an author in the 1920's and just like Fitzgerald, went away to France to find inspiration and escape the United States. However, Hemingway did not take place in all the glitter and glamour like Fitzgerald is. Hemingway maintained his image of a serious writer. He published The Sun Also Rises which depicted a group of Americans who, just like the "Lost Generation," were Disillusioned by the war. Hemingway used the "Hemingway hero" in his books. This hero has the trait of grace under pressure which can almost be seen as unemotional in dangerous situations. Hemingway was almost like the spokesman for the authors of the 1920's.
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