Thermal Imaging Module

By: Nelson Nguyen

When was thermal imaging invented and who created it?

Thermal imaging devices were first made in the late 1950s and 1960s. It was developed by: Texas instruments, Hughes Aircraft, and Honeywell. These companies developed detectors that scanned the surrounding areas and produced images.

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Who uses it and what is it used for?

The current thermal imaging modules were first used for the military. Thermal imaging provided ability to see and target enemies through the dark at night, or across a smoke-covered battlefield. Thermal imaging later on was helpful to military services around the world, also making it helpful to fire services and law enforcements.

How do thermal imaging modules work?

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How it works!

Thermal imaging: objects that are both natural or man-made give off infrared energy as heat. It detects temperatures of objects. This technology would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye because humans cannot see thermal energy.
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Advantages and disadvantages it has over other previous technology

There are not any other previous technology similar to the thermal imaging module. But the advantage of thermal imaging modules is it saves money by finding possible failures like leakage in the house. The disadvantage of thermal imaging modules is that it is not the same as night vision. Night vision and thermal imaging are not the same because night vision detects small amounts of light and magnifies it, while thermal imaging only detects heat energy.

Thermal imaging on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

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