The DiPiet Beat

November 18 - 22

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About this week and some more....

Happenings at School:


  • The Book Fair is finally here!!


  • Book Fair
  • 7:00 - 8:00: PTO Meeting


  • Book Fair


  • Book Fair
  • Early Release @ 11:30 am


  • Book Fair
  • Early Release @ 11:30 am

Looking Forward:

  • 11/27 - Early Release
  • 11/28 & 11/29 - No School

From the Principal's Desk

We have a couple "non-routine weeks" coming up. This can throw off our kiddos so I encourage you to chat about how the week will be different. Letting them know what each day will look like on the actual day is helpful as well. Not only will this help you children, but it helps for a great start to the school day as well.

Let's have a wonderful week!

From the staff:

1. Next Monday... November 25 from 8:50 - 10:00 the DiPietro reading and math specialist teachers are hosting a "Coffee Informational Session" for all parents in the school library. Check out the agenda here.

2. Please consider supporting the HS Student Council during this Thankful Season. Click HERE to find out how just $16 can support a community!

3. Please make sure to call the 24 hour absentee line when your child will be absent or significantly late - (508) 883-8029.

Can't wait to see my friends on Monday!

Your principal,

Mrs. Friedman

Ask Me About....


  1. ...what I know about 2D and 3D shapes.

  2. ...what is the difference between a five frame and a ten frame?

1st Grade

  1. ...what are doubles facts?

  2. ...can I show you digraphs that I find in my reading?

  3. ...what is the difference between a half and a whole?

2nd Grade

  1. to skip-count by 10’s starting at 15.

  2. ...the sounds of our new “vowel team” au and aw.

  3. example of one way I was kind this week.=

3rd Grade

  1. ...the difference between narrative, expository, and opinion texts.

  2. I can show you one way I could solve a multiplication problem.

  3. I used a growth mindset this week.


  1. ...In Art, ask students what we DON’T want our paintbrushes to have?(the answer is pretty funny)

  2. ...In Art, ask Kindergarten what the three primary colors are.

  3. ...In Music, ask Kindergarten about High, Medium and Low sounds.

  4. ...In Music ask Grade 1 to clap a steady beat.

  5. ...In Music ask Grade 2 to hear their concert songs.

  6. ...In Music ask Grade 3 how a composer signs their music.

  7. ….In Physical Education (M, T, Th), How do we participate in our Brain Gym exercises, e.g., The Cross Crawl and Calming Pretzels