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September 11, 2020


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From the Principal

The first week of school has been successful! I love seeing all of the Ritter students and families. Thank you for all of your patience as we work through the pick-up and drop-off procedures.

Don’t forget that all students will be eligible for free breakfast and lunch. This benefit will be available as long as the allocated funds are available. Face to face families can go to www.airportschools.com and click on the Food Service button, then click on the link to order meals. You can order for the entire week. Virtual families can order five days worth of meals through the following email address foodsignup@airportschools.com . Once you have ordered, that collection of food is available every Tuesday from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM at Ritter Elementary. Families are still encouraged to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch Form as soon as possible. If you qualify, your family will be set when we have to start charging for lunches again.

Many loving parents get anxious about sending their children off to school. Keep in mind that the more secure you feel, the more confident your child may be. Your kids are more ready than you think, and if they are not, you will get there together. We all know it's not just a new adventure for them but for parents as well. Here are some tips to try on the second week of school to make them feel confident and independent:

  • Keep the goodbye as quick as possible, because you want your child to feel your confidence, not your hesitation.

  • Keep in mind that being in a new grade or beginning their first year of school is a big step—and a step backward often accompanies a developmental leap. Empower your child by saying, “This may be a little scary, but you’re capable of handling it!” Knowing she/he can overcome problems may be one of the most important lessons she/he ever learns in or out of school.

  • Don’t worry, tears are totally normal for both parents and students. Enjoy the morning and don’t cry until you’re on the way home. Easier said than done!

Knowing that it is vital that students become confident at school each day use this week to allow for a gradual release to have students become more independent.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Spears

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Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

Parent drop off and pick up of your child: (Please have your ID ready)

For your child’s safety pick up procedures will be different this year.


Parents will drive on the right side of the parking lot to the entrance by the Media link, door C, a staff member will be waiting at the sidewalk to assist your child once they safely exit their vehicle. Please make sure that all students leave the vehicle through the passenger doors. An additional staff member will allow each child to enter the building and head to class. After your child has exited the vehicle safely, you will circle around by the ball field and proceed to exit the parking lot on the other side back to the main road.


Remember to notify the office by 2:30 PM if you plan on picking up your student. At dismissal time, drive up to the Media link doors by the ball field labeled C. Ritter Staff will be available at 3:15 on the sidewalk to start sign-out procedures for students. You will then be asked to move your vehicle up to the STOP sign. A Ritter staff member will then bring your child out of the building to your car. Once your child is safely secured in your vehicle, circle around by the ball field and proceed through the parking lot back to the main road. (Traffic Flow Map Attached)

***Please do not use the dirt road behind the library. The road belongs to the township and you could be ticketed for using it.

Upcoming Events

9/14 - Tuition Preschool Begins: Please call 734-654-2121 ext 4111 or email Mr. Krause at skrause@airportschools.com for additional information regarding our Tuition Preschool Program.

9/15 - Picture Day has been moved to November 3rd with retakes being December 16th.

9/24 - Board meeting at Eyler Elementary @ 6:00 p.m.

9/25 - PJ Spirit Day

9/30 - Half Day dismissal at 11:30 a.m.

10/1 - October is Anti-Bully Month

10/2 - Ritter Elementary Spirit Wear Orders Due


This year PTO meetings will be held virtually using Zoom. We encourage all parents to attend the meetings to learn how they can become involved with activities. The PTO email address is: ritterpto@airportschools.com.

Remote Corner

Our virtual teachers have gathered some tidbits and information that they would like to share with you about our remote learning program. We hope these will be helpful in answering any questions you might have, and also allow you to reference them at any time should problems or incidents arise.

School Email Access – Students all have their own school issued email. Once logged in, this will take you to their student email account and all of their invitations and login information can be found here. They must use this email to access their virtual classrooms and receive information.

Google Classroom – Students should have received an invite to their teacher’s google classroom. Most of the students have done a great job with this! If you have not yet joined your teacher’s google classroom, please do so! This invite was sent through the student’s school email account. Parents, once your child is added to their teacher’s classroom, you can be added (by the teacher) as a guardian. You will get daily reports of your child’s progress, but cannot see all the information in the classroom. That access is strictly limited to students. If you need to login to see what they are doing, you will need to login to google classroom under your child’s account, or be present with them when they login. Then you can see everything they can see.

Specials – Specials teachers will be added to your child’s google classroom and will post there so that everything is located in one place. Everything your student needs from all teachers will be located there.

Patience – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have patience with your teacher(s) and technology personnel. We know you are anxious for your child to get back to learning! Our virtual teachers have been working non-stop to try to get everything working properly and to reply to communication as quickly as possible. Some grades are larger than others and getting students everything they need is taking more time than they had hoped. Though our teachers have a working knowledge of technology and google classroom, they aren’t always able to diagnose every technology issue you might be experiencing at home. We know technology doesn’t always work perfectly, and so if a student cannot get on, or your internet is experiencing problems, we understand. Try your best to troubleshoot those items, and remember that the lessons are live streamed so that in case of technology or scheduling issues, you can watch them later when things are cooperating. Your virtual teachers are trying to build the plane as they fly it. It will get better and run more smoothly as we continue through this together!


Remote Learning Tips for Parents using Google Classroom


How to Use Google Classroom on an iPad


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