Scientists of tectonic plate theory

Lauren Jimenez and Asneth Quintanilla

Abraham Ortelius

The first world atlas was published in 1570. The atlas was called the Theotrum Orbis Terrarum. This atlas was probably the first group of maps in a book. The alto as was so successful that it was reprinted four times. It was published in 42 editions and in seven languages; Latin, German, Flemish, French, Spanish, English, and Italian.
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James Hutton

Hutton invented the Theory of Uniformitarianism. He believed that the geological forces were at work in this time period and couldn't be seen with a naked eye. Some evidence of his theory was the rates of erosion are the same as the past which means that the past could help him estimate how long is took to deposit a sandstone or any rock. Hutton was important because his theory helped us to be more aware about how long it took to make different rocks through erosion.
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Alfred Wegner

Wegner was originally taught meterology at the University of Marbury then he became a geologist. In 1912 he stated that the continents at one point were all together called Pangea. Somehow the continents "drifted" away to another place on the globe; Wegner called this "continental displacement" but was later named continental drift. A lot of people criticized him and said he was crazy because he didn't have very good evidence. Later on he found evidence; the shape of the continents are almost can match up together, there is fossil evidence, matching rock types and geological structures, and evidence of climate patterns. Wegner was very important because many people criticized him about Pangea and said it wasn't true, but he ended up proving them wrong and finding great evidence to prove Pangea was true.
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Harry Hess

Harry founded the Great global rift in1953. This means that underneath the underwater mountain range ran a deep canyon. He also made others realize that the sea floor was spreading.
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Dan Mckenzie

Dan discovered the viscosity of the lower mantle in. Dan also wrote " The north pacific : An example of tetonics on a sphere ". Most recently he made The paving stone theory of plate tetonics. The way Dan Mckenzie proved hos work was through math and science.
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