Public Transport Costs

The Facts

Public Transport costs are dropping. These are the facts of public transport and the costs.

Should the Government go through with their Public Transport Plan

What is it?

Labor has backed the Napthine Government’s move to cap maximum daily fares at the Zone 1 rate across Melbourne’s entire tram, rail and bus network from January

Commuters in Melbourne’s outer suburbs would see the cost of travelling to work by train slashed by up to $1200 a year under sweeping changes proposed by the State Government in the lead-up to the election.

A couple who commute from the suburbs to the CBD each weekday using daily myki passes would save about $50 a week.

Victorians who travel only within Zone 2 would keep their discounted trip fares. There has also been talk of making Australia's public transport system completely free.

The reasons Why

  1. People without cars or people that are financially disadvantaged have a cost effective way of traveling.
  2. It will take a lot more cars off the road, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. No more nervousness from ticket inspectors.

The reasons Why Not?

  1. Free Public Transport removes the jobs for all ticket inspectors, removing many jobs.
  2. It wont take more cars off the road, it will just provide less income for the government.

Make up your own mind about it! (source list)