By: Walter Dean Myers


Monster” by Walter Dean Myers is a story about the main character Steve who is wrongfully accused of being a look out for a criminal named “Bobo” who testified against him. The idea of jail terrifies steve and he continually writes his worries in his journal but it wasn't cutting it. He creates a film containing all his questions and his outlook on the trial. Steve faces 25 to life but after being found guilty he is seen as a monster and no longer a person. Halfway through “Monster” I see the main character Steve facing many issues due to his contain appeal of being uncomfortable in his this environment. Which is understandable, but there's not alternative for him. when being face with his challenges he has found a great alternative. But like many tragic movies. Good people get put in bad situations and try to make the best of it there is someone there to mess it up. Anda by the main character fearing his environment it doesn't make it any better for himself. But what I’ve learned from many lifetime movie usually an inmate who takes part in the kitchen and or religious aspect of a prison and or jail is usually bypassed or someone other rely on to do favors. Those who do their work in the church tend to be trusted by guards and other inmates over look them not because believers are weak but because the focus is different from theirs and won't interfere with their daily routines. Those who take part can typically dish out extra for those who can pay up or protect them. Another I think would be wise for the main character s to find a form of protection from the many dangers within the jail being young and truly not cut out for that lifestyle can make it impossible for the main character to mentally be stable in his position and environment. But like many prison stories the underdog comes out on top or grows old and is left alone because they are old. I predict Steve will get over his fears and realize that is his realization and adapt to it quickly before it consumes him. But the main character has developed a great habbit of writing in his journal it allows him to release some of his many worries and issues he faces. But for roughly for about five months Steve stops which is understandable. Whl when he began writing in his journal is was all negative which is natural when being put in that kind of situation. But he picks up writing in his journal again and finds that most of the issues he was facing where slowly fading and he was releaved of that stress. He turns his journals in to a creative influence to capture his life on a film and so he does so. He completes his rproject and its great but he still not completely satisfied. Steve searches for answer but I believe he is beginning to realize that society is set up againsit him so as he begans to question why his atterony left him and did not look deeper or fight hard for his case he see’s his reality, he is now a monster to society.

In the words of Steve (the main character)...

"Sometimes I feel like I have walked into the middle of a movie. Maybe I can make my own movie. The film will be the story of my life. No, not my life, but of this experience. I'll call it what the lady who is the prosecutor called me. MONSTER.”
Walter Dean Myers, Monster

"What did I do? I walked into a drugstore to look for some mints, and then I walked out. What was wrong with that? I didn't kill Mr. Nesbitt.”
Walter Dean Myers, Monster