Religion in south Asia



The religion of majority people in india and nepal exsits in other continents and has 360million adhernts worldwide not like other religions ,buddism has no singlefounder,no single scripture,and no commonly agreed teachings. Sarced text pali ultimate reality none purpose of life thevana-become an arhat how they live eighth fold path 1 : wisdom / discement ] 2 : wise or right intention / Resolve 3 : virtue wise or right speech 4 : wise or right action 5 : wise or right livelyhood 6 : concentration / medition 7 : wise or mindfulness 8 : wise or right concentration Date founded c.520 BCE
Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6


buddhism  has many unusal religon things they do than others like in america our weddings are differnt and we have differnt beliefs on god and christianity .

Budduism Facts


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