India infographic

facts about ancient India

were is India located?

Were is India located ?India is located in Asia near ,china ,and Africa. India is also located by the Arabian sea and the Indian ocean.The Bay of Bengal is also near India to.That is were India is located.

Why did They Settle here?

They settled here because there were water sources and there are natural resources for example there is ,diamond, silk, and ,horses, elephants ,pearls and there are fur and skins to trade the other reason is that the Nile river ran through India so there was fertile land to grow crops.

what are some geographical land features?

What are some land features that India have.Some land features in Ancient India are the Himalaya mountains the Ganges River the Indus River and the Hindu kush mountains.These land features helped the people because the rivers gave the people water and helped them travel.The mountains provided rocks so they could use rocks to build items.

Some Pros to India

  • resources
  • rivers
  • fertile land
  • oceans

Some cons to India

  • deserts
  • weather
  • storms

how did humans impact the land ?

How did humans impact the land. They impacted the land because they built homes and farms so that impacted the land and they also built roads.They also started building Buildings for businesses to go in.

what natural resources dose India have

What are some natural resources that India has? India has ,silk ,diamonds, cotton fabrics, pearls ,sandalwood ,and woolen fabrics.They also have farms were they grow crops for food.