by Christian and Ashely

20 Qualities in Marriage you would want

Loyal, honest, trustworthy, good personality, never wants to argue, caring, loving, pushes you, strives for greatness, good with kids, patient, confident, appreciates you, makes you a better person, good sense of humor, cares about there health, intelligent, organized, successful, respect your family
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3 important factors to make a marriage last

You should be honest because you should be able to trust everything your spouse does and says. They should be loving, because you are going to be with this person forever and you most definitely want to be loved or there is no point to the marriage. The last one is to be good with kids because if you are going to have them you want them to treat them the way they treat you.

2 reasons for marriage in the Catholic Church

The 2 main reasons are to be united together and to create children. These relate to the factors because if you are going to be united you need love and honesty. If you are going to create children then you must have spouses that are good with kids.

Marriage preparation

This is so important because you should know before time if this marriage is going to work and that you and your spouse are truly meant for each other. You do not want to be miserable and have to go through divorce in the future so we think that preparation is extremely important.

What should you do before and during the marriage?

You should talk to your partner and make sure you two are ready for marriage and that your'e not moving to fast. You should make sure that you two are truly meant to be together. After taking the big step and getting married you should continue to always communicate with your partner. If your marriage gets a little rocky you can go to classes and the best thing to do is just to talk to each other.

Info about marriage

The effects of Matrimony are long lasting. It adds to the communion of the married couple, but not only from each other but with God, children, Church, and society. Like the sacrament of Holy orders the sacrament of Matrimony is directed at others not at oneself.