The First Crusade

By Zane Sanchez

Worst War

The first crusade was a medieval war fought over the city of Jerusalem. It was a terrible and bloody war started by false rumors.

The War

The first crusade was started by Pope Urban The Seconded Of The Catholic Church. He had heard rumors that Christians where being harassed and killed by Muslims on their way to Jerusalem.He recruited people for his army by promising that all sins would be forgiven by god and that everyone would go to heaven. Peter The Hermit led the army raised by the Pope, while other lords lead smaller army's to Jerusalem. One of these lords never went to Jerusalem and instead went up a river slaughtering all the Muslims and burning their city's.

Equipment and Numbers

All knights had tunics capes,surcoats,armor,and their choice of weapons or a shield.Peters army had 700,000 knights. He lost 150,000 during the siege of Jerusalem. When the knights got in to the city they killed everyone including children and woman.They pillaged every building including the church. Their was so much blood that some building where filled with 2 feet of it.


The Muslims eventually recaptured Jerusalem which started the other crusades. The first crusade was the only successful crusade.
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