COAL the fossil fuel of today

Lets save this world and protect coal BY: Joseph Bostwick

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General Information About Coal.

Coal is a variety of sedimentary rocks formed from plants smashed between other rocks.

It is formed over millions of years from heat and pressure.

Coal is made mostly of carbon, but is made of many different materials.

Enviromental Concerns and Issues

Coal is the main source of energy in the world at 30%, and is used for 40% of people and their things.

That is why coal is a nonrenewable resource, meaning that it can run out.

Coal is eventually going to run out then what are we going to do?

Also coal is bad for the environment because burning coal as a fossil fuel causes the CO2 emissions to burn a hole in the Ozone Layer.(the layer of atmosphere that protects us from the harmful rays of ultraviolet light from the sun)

This will cause the world to come to a end. :(

Bad Things Caused by Coal

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel.

It is the cause of most global warming.

Coal power plants cause 85% of the pollution.

Coal is also destroying mountains.

It can cause toxic waste and even acid waste.

We should stop using coal as a fossil fuel and leave it in the ground where it belongs.

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Get to Know the Diffrence

Natural Resource

A resource that is on the the earth and we use for something.
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