4th Grade Math Newsletter

December / January


I want to thank all of my students and their families for their kind words written in cards and generosity shown with gifts over the winter break. I am so incredibly appreciative of the time you took to write the cards and prepare the gifts. It is my joy to be able to teach your child this year, and I cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of gratitude.

Thank you again,

Mrs. DiFrancesco

Grinch Day Math Activities

What did we do on Grinch Day?

Just before the winter break, students participated in Grinch-themed activities throughout all of their classes. In math, students worked on a measurement station where they were to record measurements of the different gifts by the tree. Students also worked through a SCOOT game, which allowed them to work in pairs to work through several word problems using multiplication and division. Their final station involved multi-operation problem solving in small groups. Each of the math activities was not only Grinch-themed, but also based around the concepts we have been working on in class.

Halfway through Unit 2!

Chapter 4 has come to a close.
Throughout Chapter 4 students worked through multiple division strategies.

We learned how to:
  • estimate quotients using multiples
  • interpret remainders
  • estimate quotients using compatible numbers
  • divide using partial quotients
  • divide by 1-digit numbers
  • divide using repeated subtraction
  • solving multistep division problems

In Chapter 5 we will learn how to:

  • model factors
  • find common factors (LCF, GCF)
  • factors and divisibility
  • factors and multiples
  • prime and composite numbers
  • number patterns

Learning to Work Collaboratively

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Google Classroom

Students have been introduced to the world of Google over the past week.

In our introduction, students learned how to set up and use the following:

  • Google email account
  • Google Drive
  • Share documents
  • Create a Google Slideshow
  • Complete a quiz through Google Forms and receive their score instantly through email!

We will continue to utilize all of the tools that Google has to offer through Drive and Google Classroom, in hopes of creating a more tech-savvy and collaborative math classroom.

Access the link below for directions on how to access Google Drive.

Google in the Classroom

Khan Academy: Missions

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Log In Directions and Adding Parent Email

Along with learning how to use Google Classroom, students have also set up their Khan Academy account. Through the use of a digital pretest, Khan Academy has tailored a math program to meet the needs of each individual student. Through the use of their Khan profile students can work through math concepts, both 4th and 5th grade levels all while having some fun.

Here are a few perks that Khan Academy has to offer:

  • As students progress through each math concept they are able to earn points.
  • If students choose to watch a Khan video to better understand a concept they will also earn points.
  • Points are used to not only advance through the program, but to also enhance their Khan Avatar. The more points, the more the avatar grows, and the more options students have with their avatar.
  • As a teacher, I can view the progress of each individual class as a whole and also by each individual student, and provide concept-specific practice for those who need it.
  • As a parent, you may also join your child's account (directions are located in the link above) to view their progress