Glidden Campus Board Report

September 2019

Monthly Report to the Chequamegon School District About the Glidden Campus

Chequamegon Middle School & Glidden Elementary School

Homecoming 2019!

Life Tools Group - Pilot Program

School Counselor Sarah Kronberger along with the assistance of Mrs. Maria Brandenburg will be facilitating a "Life Tools" group sessions during GCLC after-school program at the Glidden Campus. This program is offered in coordination and with support from Marshfield Clinic.

The group will focus on emotions and skills which can affect every part of children's lives. Students will be taught basic tools to help children identify what they are feeling, how strong the feeling is, and ways to manage the feeling. Some of the tools include identifying good things in their day, discussing their values, admitting mistakes and positive coping strategies. Session updates will be provided via e-mail and in-person. A video summary will be included in every e-mail and is available to you to view.

Life Tools Group IS:

  • A safe place in which children can learn practical skills for their day-to-day lives, called Tools.
  • A group that meets eight sessions for 45 minutes each session Topics are:
  1. Self Awareness:
  2. Self Management:
  3. Relationship Skills

Life Tools is NOT:

  • Group therapy. We do not ask children personal questions about their home life or family. We do not evaluate or diagnose children.

Sessions will meet on Tuesdays during the after-school program.

STAR (safe, trustworthy, accountable and respectful) behavior is expected during group.

The goal of Life Tools is to help children be and feel more successful at home, at school, and in the community.

There is limited access to mental health resources in our areas, especially for economically disadvantaged rural youth. Dr. Kelsie-Marie Offenwanger, PsyD has researched this issue and has found evidence that suggests that improving a sense of self-efficacy and belongingness can improve social, emotional and behavioral outcomes. The Life Tools curriculum was created and facilitated by a child psychologist for many years and Dr. Kelsie-Marie Offenwanger, PsyD has continued this work. The pilot of this program in rural schools will test social-emotional learning interventions.

Open House

Our annual district open house had an outstanding turn out having most students and parents at the Glidden Campus went into the school building prior to the start of the school day. Many middle school students enjoy the extra time between 6th-grade orientation and open house to practice the combinations on their lockers and practice their schedules.

Middle School Events

It was great to watch the Chequamegon Screaming Eagles at the Copper Falls Cross Country Meet! They represented us well!

Girls basketball season is also starting up and Coach Ernst and Coach Kief

First Day of School - Less Than Ideal...But We Overcame the Challenge!

Well, the first day of school started out with a less than ideal situation! First-day excitement at "Chequamegon North" was stifled a bit with our early wake-up call with no electricity at the school building or within a wide radius to the building. With buses already out picking up students, a last-minute decision had to be made. We kept students arriving early to Glidden Campus in the commons near the doors for lights using flashlights and cellphones. As the buses arrived, we loaded all Glidden area students on buses and rerouted Middle School staff to "Chequamegon South" to supervise the three shuttle buses that did not head north as planned. Glidden Elementary students and staff held classes in spare classrooms and the commons area while the middle school convened in the auditorium.

We received a call that the power had returned around 9:00 and students were loaded back on buses heading north by 9:30. Our first day started a little late, but overall was very good!

On our first day, Round 2, everything went without a hitch!

What a day!