Edcamp North

An Exploration In Colleague Collaboration


Edcamp North

Monday, Nov. 24th, 7:30am-12:30pm

90 Vermont 15

Jericho, VT

What is an Edcamp?

An edcamp is a “unconference”. When you arrive on the morning of Edcamp North, you will develop the schedule for the day. There will be an empty session board waiting to be filled out by YOU! You can sign up to facilitate a session and/or choose which sessions that you would like to attend.

This is NOT a technology conference, although we will use technology to support our learning throughout the day.

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What will the morning look like?

On the day of Edcamp North you will arrive at JES @ 7:30AM and head to the cafeteria. Coffee and treats will be available. Then you will begin to create the learning for the day by writing down topics you want to talk about with your colleagues. Your ideas will be organized into groups and each group will be assigned a location. Session one will then begin (there will be ten possible sessions). You will meet in session one for an hour, then return to the cafeteria. We will again organize and/or re-organize the topics and get ready for session two, and so on. We will end the morning with lunch.

What do you need to do to prepare for Edcamp North?

Gather ideas about teaching and learning topics you would like to discuss with your fellow educators.

This YouTube video explains what an Edcamp is:

EdCamp 101