Cesar Chavez

Kyle Alfaro P5

Who was Chavez?

Cesar Chavez was a farm worker, civil rights leader and above all, a labor union leader. In 1965, Cesar Chavez started a movement with vineyard workers in Delano for better working conditions and higher wages.
Mini Bio: Cesar Chavez

Chavez to Thoreau

How Thoreau felt that the government uses its powers way too fiercely, is how Chavez felt with the Delano grape yard owners. They used their powers to the full extent on their workers and Chavez felt like the owners needed to be shut down A.S.A.P. Which is how Thoreau felt about the government in his articles. How Thoreau felt that the American govt. were strict on their workers? Chavez felt the exact same way with the Delano workers. Their ideas on how things should be ran is identical.