Street Racing

Should Street Racing be Illegal?

Who am I?

My name is Albert Rodriguez and I am a sophomore at F.L. Schlagle. Something about me is that I am a Car guy, I love cars they're just something I'm very interested in a lot. For example those custom built race cars and street racing, I want to try it one day. When I graduate from high school I want to be a Automotive mechanic. I want to learn how the engine works and also learn how fix them up into a race car. I just want one awesome race car that I built with my own hands. I want go far beyond a mechanic and with cars, To be one of the best with cars and be known. I'm not sure where I'm going for college yet.

Essential Question

The question I am asking is should they legalize street racing? I chose this question because I want to hear the reasons why we can't race around the streets. I want to see what street races cause on others. I want to know why we cant a little fun with our new toys inside our cars that we have. Why cant we have a short straight race when there isn't a lot of traffic.

Explanation of Topic

I know that in street races there's crashes that happen which causes destruction and people get hurt. I also know that in the races there are tuned up cars of owners that they use to go against another owners custom car. Its like if it was a sport, for example soccer, basketball, football etc. they all have teams that go against each other with they're own squad. Racing is an entertainment to mostly guys then women. Street races involve a lot of great noise and speed. I hope to gain that street racing isn't that bad to do and that they should think about it being legal. I hope others understand that street racing can be similar to a sport and its not as bad as they think it is.


To finish off with my question "should street racing be Illegal?" I think it shouldn't be because it doesn't affect the human body or that many deaths unlike drugs. I came to this question because I like watching races and always wonder whats so bad about going at high speed against another driver. They're might be some crashes but the races don't kill the human body. I learned that the people will always be against street racing no matter what we say about it. They will always think its something bad but we all have our opinions in this world. Everyone has there own mind and opinions on everything. This process of researching was beneficial because it makes us advance on finding things about a topic or making a paper for anything in life.