Hybrid Schedule Reminders

January 29, 2021


The kids are finally coming!!!

We are so excited to have the kids back next week. But, we also want to be sure that all you feel safe and have a chance to have all your questions answered. This newsletter summarizes some of those critical procedures that we have in place. Even if you have opted to be fully remote, there are still times when your student may need to come into the building. They might come for sports, or for help from the teacher, and they would need to follow these protocols. Please call us if you have any questions.

Remember A students come on Monday.

B students come on Wednesday.

This Friday, February 5, is a Thursday Schedule, meaning the B kids will be here 3 mornings next week.

See you soon! Go THUNDER!!!

Schedules for A, B, and R students.

Please click on the links below to see each schedule. A quick summary: "A" kids come in the morning of Monday and Tuesday; "B" kids come in the morning of Wednesday and Thursday; Fridays alternate schedules. Remote kids are synchronous every afternoon. There is a lot of asynchronous time for students, too, to practice mastery of the content. Please be sure you know when your student should be working on school.

A students

B students

R students

Calendar February - March

The following link has the calendar for the months of February and March. Please pay careful attention to Fridays, which can vary.

Calendar for February - March

Support Periods......

Hybrid A and B students have support periods on either Tuesday (A students), or Thursday (B students) from 10:40 to 11:25 AM. This is open time for the kids to meet with teachers for help.

  • Buses will not leave our building until after the support period.

  • Students that can provide their own transportation can leave at any time after 10:40, they are not required to stay for the support period if they do not need it.

  • Students that need to stay and wait for the buses will wait in the Commons area and have study time. They will maintain social distancing and wear their masks.

  • Students do not need to check out to leave during the Support Period when they are finished with their day.

Entrance and Exit Procedures

All students must:
  • complete the PowerSchool Symptom Self-Assessment prior to coming to school in the morning.
  • wear a mask at all times.
  • remain more than 6' from other students when entering, while inside, and when exiting WNHS.
  • have their temperature checked upon entry.

Entry Procedures:

Doors open at 7:00 am for Zero Hour classes.

All Zero Hour students should enter Door #2, the main front doors.

Doors open at 7:45 am for the regular school day.

Students must enter through Door 2 from the front of the building. Many students who drive are accustomed to using Door 6. THIS DOOR WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Bus riders will enter Door 19 and Door 20.

All athletes coming for practices and contact days must enter through Door 2. Swimmers will enter the pools doors directly. Again, athletes MAY NOT use Door 6. The vaccine clinic will be here many afternoons, and their entry door is 6. Please stay clear of their door.

Exit Procedures:

Students will be required to exit the building immediately when the school day is finished. Of course, they may remain for additional help as needed during the Support Period or when an appointment is set up with a teacher. If you are picking your student up after school, please be on time and arrange for a mutual spot to pick up your student.

Cold Lunch and Breakfast will be available for students to pick up as they leave the building. Please remind your students to pick that up before they exit the building.

Please know that our goal is keep all staff and students safe by implementing procedures throughout the building. Please remind your students that they are an important part of making this work! Remind them to follow the procedures so that we can all stay in school!

Asynchronous time is very important....

One common misconception that some students hold is that asynchronous time isn't fully needed or that they don't have to work during this time. With our new hybrid model, asynchronous time is more critical than ever. We consider all students full-time students, and as such, they are expected to be working asynchronously when not involved in live sessions that are either in-person or on the computer. The asynchronous time is how we will be sure that we are exposing the students to as much of the curriculum as possible.

Thus, every student should be working asynchronously every day; staff will be expected to post asynchronous work on their Canvas course site under "Announcements" every day.

As we switch to hybrid learning or if you chose to remain full remote, students must remain focused on working on assignments given by teachers during asynchronous time. Please help us by checking with and reminding students to work asynchronously as needed.

Tech Support

If your student is a full remote student, please email techsupport@wcusd200.org and fill out a ticket request. Technology will be in touch and take it from there!

When you or your student submits a request to tech support, they will respond with a form that you fill out. Please know that until you complete that form, your request will not be submitted.

If you have issues that keep you from getting in touch with tech support, please call our office and we will try to help.

If you need your access ID and your access password to create an account for Powerschool, we can help you in our main office. If you need help with payments, or class schedules, you should also call our main office.

Some reminders on payments......

  • AP Test fees are due February 5.
  • We are still requiring a parking pass for our lots. Please call the office with questions.
  • Remember that your student must pay for Behind the Wheel before they can drive. Please call the office if you need help making that payment electronically.
  • Some extra-curriculars must be paid to participate including Math Team and Sports that are starting. Please call our Athletic Office with questions at extension 5700.

Reporting Absences

Per normal procedures, all parents and guardians should call in their student if s/he will be absent. The attendance phone number is (815) 334-2400.

For parents and guardians of A and B students:

Due to concerns related to COVID, if we have not spoken to a parent or guardian about an uncleared absence, the student may not return to hybrid learning the next day until it is cleared.

For parents and guardians of R students (full remote):

Attendance is still taken every period of every day. If your student misses a period or a day, please contact the Attendance Office. Your student will be marked unexcused if there is no call.

Bus Transportation Information

As of this newsletter, if your student is a bus rider, all transportation info is available online. You can access https://trans.woodstockschools.org for details on pick-up/drop-off time and locations. Use your student's ID number as the username and password. If you have questions, please contact Transportation at (815) 338-4777.

Please check your route information before Monday morning if you are an A student.