Contact Lenses since 1888

Glasses keep us from feeling confident and seeing freely, so why not change that?

Dislike wearing glasses? Well two intelligent men, Adolf Gaston Eugen FIck & Otto Wichterle, invented a beautifully crafted device that will change your life. Contact lenses are a small piece of glass that sets directly on the eye. It's like wearing glasses but without the frames! They are completely painless and not noticeable at all. So you can lose those glasses of yours! You won't need to wear them anymore! You can wear contact lenses anytime and anywhere. You will finally look and feel just as beautiful as you truly are, but still be able to see crystal clear.
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Contact lenses started out as little pieces of glass that fit onto the eye to help people see. It was like wearing glasses, but without having to wear frames. They are not made from glass anymore for safety and health reasons. They are now made with plastic so they are more flexible, comfortable, safer, etc. Many people chose to wear them instead of glasses today.

Around the 1880’s, when the contact lenses were invented, many people had problems with their eyes. It was said that glasses would help correct the refractive power of irregular corneas. It was found that glasses didn’t help, but contacts did. Contact lenses worked since they were placed directly on the eye, instead of just resting on the face like glass frames did. Today contact lenses are prefered more than glasses. The evaluation of contact lenses over time definitely helped with the popularity increase. They are much safer and comfortable now and there are many choices to chose from. Today there are contacts that you can wear for months, weeks, or even just for one day then you can throw them away. There are also contacts that you are able to sleep in overnight. Contacts are easier to deal with since you don’t have to worry about breaking them like you have to with glasses. That is helpful for people that play sports or just break glasses easily. Contacts also help with people’s confidence, since some people think they look bad with glasses.

I chose to use the persuasive technique of Faulty Cause and Effect. Faulty Cause and Effect tells the consumer good looks, intelligence, and/or special qualities are implied to them, if they use a certain product. I thought this was the best choice since wearing contact lenses is mainly for people who don’t like wearing glasses. So if I directed the ad to people that don’t like wearing glasses, saying that contact lenses will change their life and make them feel good, it would make them want to go buy and wear them.