Paris, France

By Viviana Delgado P.5

Why go to Paris, France?

Paris, France is a wonderful city to go to. It is beautiful. Its the city of love! It has the Eiffel Tower. It's like everyone's dream to one day go to Paris. Most of the places are rated really good. So i bet the places are amazing!

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The history of Paris, France, goes back all the way to 10,000 years. During at the time the city grew from a small Mesolithic settlement to the biggest city and the capital of France. It further developed into a center of art, medicine, science, fashion, tourism, high culture and high finance, becoming one of the world's major global city.

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Flights: Icelandair is the airline. Denver to Reykjauik to Paris. It takes 11 hours and 35 minutes to get there with a layover. On May 18.

Paris to Reykjauik to Denver. It takes 12 hours 25 minutes with a layover. $50 dollars for each flight. On May 24.



Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name: Hotel Montmarte Mon Amour

Hotel Price: $290 Total= $2,196.29

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My room offers just a classic room. It offers 1 double bed. Also breakfast is included.


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I chose to go to Paris,France because it is really beautiful. There is the Eiffel Tower. Paris is know as the city of love. I know people that has gone and they have said that it is absolutely beautiful. I chose to go with Theo James because he is has beautiful as Paris. He is the perfect person to take to Paris. c; <3 I spend my money on my flight, hotel, food, the activitys to do, clothes and presents for my family.