News from the Learning Commons

December 2015

ALL Books Due before Winter Break

We are asking all students to return their books before winter break. Students may checkout books December 7-11, but this is book fair week and if it gets too busy in the Learning Commons we may have to send students back to class without new books and ask them to try another time. NO books will be checked out to students after December 11th. We will print overdue notices, please help us try to collect all books before break. This is also a great time for teachers (and grade level carts) to return books that you are finished with. Teachers may keep books that they are using, or plan to use, but please return those that are not in use.

iPad Roundup

We are also asking for the return of any UNUSED iPads. Only the ones that are UNUSED. Not all teachers want to use these in their classrooms, if you are a teacher who does not need their class set, please return unused iPads to the Learning Commons and we can redistribute to teachers. On that note, if you LOVE having iPads in the classroom and would like MORE iPads (in the redistribution), please let Susan Hefley know.

If you or your team WANTS to use your iPads more but need an Intervention (basic setup tips, troubleshooting, basic app recommendations, etc.) please let me know and we can schedule a time for this. I am happy to help!

Polar Express Day

Friday December 18th will be school-wide Polar Express Day! Everyone is invited to wear their pajamas to school on this day. Additional ways to celebrate or promote this day should be determined as a grade level (please try to be consistent across the grade level). The Polar Express movie (rated G, 100 minutes long) will be played over the announcements system with three showings (8:30am, 10:30am and 1:15pm). We also want to make this a school-wide READ-IN day. Please set aside 1 hour of your day to JUST READ. I am going to try to schedule Guest Readers in the Learning Commons every 15 minutes on this day, please sign up to hear a story AT LEAST once that day.

Holiday E-Books:

Tumble Books: Chanukah Noel; Eight Winter Nights; Olive, the Other Reindeer; Light in the Darkness; T'was the Night Before Christmas

Overdrive: Several picture and chapter books but limited to a single checkout.

Follett (please OPEN these books, but do not checkout!): Nonfiction holiday books; Christmas is Coming; Night Before Christmas; Tacky's Christmas; Feliz Navidad, Gus; The Polar Express; Small, medium & large; Santa's Secrets Revealed; and more...

Book Flix: Book pairs for Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanza

Epic: Too many to list, including Read to Me and Spanish titles

Explorer Space News

McKinney Education Foundation Grant

I am very pleased to announce that Malvern's LC was a proud recipient of the MEF Grant for our Explorer Stations. We will use the money to buy OSMO kits, Legos, Makey Makeys and a few other craft supplies.

Future Explorer Challenges

I am always trying to come up with great ideas for our Explorer Challenges. In January we will explore Augmented Reality (and I would love to show you ways to use this in the classroom!); and all students will be encouraged to create a digital project for the district-wide Collin McKinney festival. Later in the year I want to do a marble run challenge and a cardboard game challenge closer to our spring book fair. Of course we will celebrate poetry and book week!

December Explorer Station

This month I challenge all students to get a tic tac toe with 3 different challenges.

Official challenge page.

New Years Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is to have MORE students checking out books. I love seeing kids in the Learning Commons, finding books, but we tend to see the same faces each week and there are many faces we do not see. If those faces are in your class, please help me by sending those students to checkout new books!

Color Printer

We are very lucky to have a color printer in the Learning Commons, and everyone has equal free access to this. Please use it as needed, but do not ABuse it. A good rule of thumb is: Print if you are going to come get it right away. If it is not worth it to you to leave the classroom, or not a good time then don't print to the color printer (or not right then at least). Sadly many pages are printed each day and left behind resulting in a large WASTE pile. Please help us to make better use of this resource.

Book Requests??

Do you need any books? Would you LIKE to see any books in the library collection that we do not have? PLEASE let me know! Make me a list, send me an email. I can't make any promises, but if you don't ask for it................ :-)

Happy Holidays!