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June 23, 2020


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Special Event: Saturday, June 27

The SCS Summer Parent Institute is going virtual on Saturday, June 27 to help you prepare for the upcoming school year. With over 20 information-packed sessions and an iPad giveaway, you won't want to miss out!

The CLUE Virtual Workshop begins at 10:15 AM: Meeting the Needs of All Gifted Learners


All 3rd Grade CLUE Students Move to 4th Grade!

At the end of the school year, all parents of 3rd Grade CLUE students should have received a copy of a letter from the CLUE Office notifying them of a program update. You can read the letter here.

Because testing opportunities were very limited in the spring term, the district has determined that students who were in 3rd grade during the 2019-20 school year will remain in 4th grade CLUE for the duration of the 2020-21 school year. This will allow us ample time to test all students and address the needs of our CLUE students without having to rush this process during an already unstable time.

After the first semester of the 2020-21 school year, we will reach out with a solid plan for the 5th grade school year for your student. As is expected now, to continue in 5th grade CLUE, the student would have to qualify for the gifted IEP.

At this time, all third grade CLUE students will be welcomed into fourth grade CLUE. If you decide that you no longer want your child pulled for CLUE in 4th grade, please reach out to your CLUE teacher as soon as possible or email us at

Assigned Summer Reading for CLUE Students Entering Grades 6-9

Academic achievement is paramount for students in the CLUE Program. Students work diligently to make gains during the school year, and our goal is to minimize the loss of learning during the summer months. According to a study by professors at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, students who read books for summer reading at home demonstrated a significantly higher level of reading achievement. Furthermore, the study concluded that students who do not read in the summer can [over time] fall a year behind students who do (Allington, McGill-Frazen, 2010). To keep learning in a forward motion, we are continuing our summer reading program for all of our CLUE students who are entering grades six through nine.

All students will read the required book listed below, and this reading should be finished before students return to school on August 10, 2020. CLUE English teachers will use information from the book in class during the first couple of weeks of school and may give comprehension assessments on the materials. Students should be prepared to bring a copy of the book with them to class during this time.

The CLUE Summer Reading Portal has been created to provide instructional support to students who are reading independently over the summer months. The portal includes background information, videos, and graphics organizers to help students comprehend the text at a deeper level. Most of our books are also provided in a FREE digital format on our CLUE901 webapage at:

CLUE901 Parent Blog

Stay up-to-date with important announcements posted on our CLUE901 Parent Blog!

Teacher Spotlight: LaTrice Leggs

This month we recognize LaTrice Leggs for her contributions to the CLUE Program. LaTrice is a native Memphian and a proud graduate of Trezevant High School. Miss Leggs dreamed, even as a child, of being an outstanding educator. She received both her Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters of Science from the University of Memphis. Dually certified in Early Childhood Education and Gifted and Talented, Miss Leggs loves inspiring her PreK and Primary CLUE students to be creative and divergent thinkers. We appreciate Miss Leggs for her positive leadership and dedication to serving a diverse group of students at Downtown Elementary School.

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The mission of our gifted and academically talented program is to provide a nurturing, accepting environment where the unique intellectual, creative, social, and emotional needs of gifted and talented students are fulfilled.