Call of the Wild.


My favorite character.

My favorite is Buck, he is a dog. Buck was the main character.
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Book Summery

There was a dog named Buck that lived with a man and was treated really good. One day a man stole the dog to take him up north for pulling a sled. On the way up there Buck was beaten with a club. Buck was sold to several different people for many different reasons. He pulled for some people going back and fourth to a town called Dawson delivering things, one time he delivered medication. He was sold to people all over the place, he was soon let loose in the wild and runs with the wolfs.


The house Buck was at was where he was treated good was very nice, and warm. Later on when he was in Alaska it was cold like in winter for us. It was snowy and bright out side. You could hear people in the town and dogs barking and rain. It smelled like spring was here.

Smaller Characters

John Thornton was a leader of Buck and traveled. The man in the red sweater abused Buck, and rode on the train with Buck. Mercedes was a girl that helped Buck and was related to John Thornton.

Favorite Character

My favorite character is Buck because he was a great leader. He was able to stand up for him self. He also wouldn't let any thing stop him. Buck loved to be the leader pulling the sled and being the leader just plain out.