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February 13, 2020

Capturing Kids' Hearts! Teacher Tip #8

This week is the perfect time to share the love! This is from "CKH Teacher TIPS."

"Making the "invisible kid" feel visible. Quiet students can feel invisible when bigger personalities in the classroom take charge. The best teachers are intentional about making "invisible kids" feel like an important part of the class.

Reflective Questions:

What do you really know about each student? Do you ask your students personal questions?


  • Take an inventory of your students. Write next to each student’s name the personal things you know about them (hobbies, favorite video games, music, who is important to them, challenges they have encountered, etc.). Continue to add to each student’s name as you get to know them better.

  • Utilize the 3 A's when working with quiet students.
  • Acknowledge these students everyday by just making a comment or asking them a light personal question.
  • Appreciate when they make a contribution to the class or you learn something new about them.
  • Affirm them publicly and privately. Know what they prefer best.

  • Give students tasks and jobs in the classroom that encourage ownership and contribution to the larger group.

Thank you for helping invisible students be seen!"

Thank you for the many ways you Capture Kids' Hearts Valentine's day and every day!

♥ Audrey

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