{Hoots & Handbags}

First Line Update

You've Been Challenged!

Hello First Line Owls!! <3
First of all CONGRATS to ALL of you~you're doing an AMAZING job at spreading the word & growing your team!! {Whoot}!! I have a challenge for you ;) REMEMBER, this is for my FIRST LINE ONLY, so please don't share or talk about it publicly on Facebook!

BE THE FIRST TO PROMOTE to Team Leader & get a $50 Gift Card to TJMaxx {can be used at Marshalls & Home Goods, too!}
BE THE SECOND TO PROMOTE to Team Leader & get a $25 Gift Card to TJMaxx!

What do you think about that?!!? :)
EVERYONE in my first line is "in the running" for this Leadership Role~don't count yourself out!! There are a few of you who already have 2 Designers on your team, several of you with 1 Designer and quite a few on the wait list!! If you don't have anyone yet, now is the PERFECT time to start talking about what a FANTASTIC opportunity O2 is!! Don't think of it as bothering someone~YOU have a WONDERFUL gift to share with others!! Go out & do it!!

***In order to receive either of the Gift Cards, YOU MUST qualify

*have 3 personally sponsored, ACTIVE Designers on your team, all at once~ACTIVE = $99/PV
in a month
*Submit $500 in PV yourself
*Have a CTV {Central Team Volume} of $1,500+

By doing so, YOU will earn 10% of your First Line Team & 5% on your Second Line Team! HOOT!!! ;)

Get back to me!

Please touch base with me & let me know you received this newsletter! I'd also LOVE to hear from you~what can I do to help YOU succeed?? What are your goals for this month? Year?