My Singing Career

Ketasia Richardson


Singing is everything to me its a talent i had since i was little.I grew up looking at other singers and my idols like i cant wait to get that age so i can become singers like them. I don't know what it is but every time i hear a singer's voice and its good, really good i instantly fall in love with their voice and how it sounds, and now whenever I see myself on tv singing like I fall in love with my own voice.

Moving up

It was hard to become the artist I am today. It took a lot of practice but it was really hard to get noticed. I finally got noticed on YouTube by Rihanna, she started me out local by doing show in night clubs and other places. I started to finally record in the studio and my first song was a hit so next thing you know I am on tour and doing concerts.

Singers That I Work With

Typical Work Day

My Day

I am usually always in the studio trying to make new songs. If I am not doing that I am on tour an going to concerts. Sometimes its hard to get by with paparazzi always following me. If I am not doing a concert or on tour or in the studio I am relaxing at home because now that I am a artist I don't get much relaxing time