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TEDxWallStreet - Jeff Hoffman - The Power of Wonder

Meet, Inquire, Listen, Aspire! Experience the Ultimate LIVE Event for Entrepreneurs!

Join us during Entrepreneurship Week as we plan to start 2013 with a BANG! Need better marketing, a stronger business plan, or capital for your business? Start planning now and meet 4 PHENOMENAL Business Experts LIVE who will give you the TOP tips, tools, and advice you need to build, grow, and expand your company well into 2013 and BEYOND!

  • Meet the Creator of the #1 Business Planning Software in the World, Tim Berry
  • Learn How to be a FEARLESS Leader with Jeff Hoffman
  • Create a Killer Marketing Strategy on a limited budget with MarketingProfs
  • Learn how to build a successful campaign and raise funds for your business with Indiegogo

Join us for an extraordinary event featuring a lineup of badazz, innovative leaders who can teach you how to build, grow and fund your OWN outstanding business.

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TOP 5 Reasons YOU Should Attend 2012 Virtual Biz Blitz....

1. Lead Your Business Fearlessly with Jeff Hoffman

Accomplished Entrepreneur. Works with President Obama, Britney Spears. Founded and Co-Founded Several TOP Tech Companies. Wants to meet and speak with you November 14th on Leading your Startup Fearlessly.

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur in the internet, technology, and entertainment industries. He has founded, co-founded, and been the CEO of numerous start-ups and larger companies, and has led his companies through acquisitions and public offerings ( ,, CTI, and others)

Recently Jeff was inducted into the Entrepreneur's Hall of Fame by the CEO Council, received an Entrepreneurship Award from the White House, and as a board member of numerous international entrepreneurship organizations he travels the world mentoring and speaking to entrepreneurs globally ( recently Egypt, Malaysia, Peru, Algeria, Spain, and more)

Currently, Jeff is the co-founder and partner at ColorJar, the Idea Accelerator that helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.

Jeff has produced feature films ( Cabin Fever) , hosted music concerts and tours( Elton John and Boyz II Men), and sponsored charity events ( NSYNC, Evander Holyfield, many more), and serves on boards of both businesses and non-profits in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

To learn more about Jeff Hoffman, check out the video above and his website here .

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2. Founder of the #1 Business Planning Software Ever Created, Tim Berry

Founder of the #1 Business Planning Software in the US and some say the world. Who better to learn how to create a KILLER business plan to catapult you into 2013? Meet Tim LIVE and find out why having a top notch business plan is key for the new year.

Tim Berry is co-founder of Eugene Social, founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software, founder of, and a co-founder of Borland International. He taught starting a business at the University of Oregon for 11 years. He is author of books and software includingBusiness Plan Pro, published by Palo Alto Software, and The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, published by Entrepreneur Press. He has a Stanford MBA degree and degrees with honors from the University of Oregon and the University of Notre Dame.

Tim also posts on several blogs including Huffington Post, Amex OPEN Forum, and Industry Word at He is an active investor member of the Willamette Angel Conference.

To learn more about Tim Berry, check out his website here .

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We are MarketingProfs: Making you a Smarter Marketer

3. Create a Bulletproof Marketing Plan with MarketingProfs

Multi-Million Dollar Company. Over 475,000 Entrepreneurs, Fresh Marketing Content, News, Seminars, Conferences, and Events Daily. MarketingProfs cuts through all of the marketing noise to find the experts and in-the-trenches marketers who know what they are talking about.

In Virtual Biz Blitz 2013, MarketingProfs will help you create a strategic marketing plan incorporating new media, old media, online and offline techniques which is KEY to keeping your start-up afloat. Learn how to create a bulletproof marketing plan on a ZERO Budget and Limited Time with one of the biggest communities of marketing experts in the world- MarketingProfs.

To learn more about MarketingProfs, check out the video above!

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4. Learn How to Raise Capital with Indiegogo

Solve the #1 Problem Entrepreneurs Face Every Single Day with Indiegogo.

No other topic is more important to an entrepreneur than finding, raising, and maintaining capital for their business. No cash = no business. Learn how to create a Badazz Marketing Campaign using one of the TOP and newest platforms to gain funding.

Indiegogo will teach you how to:

  • Create a Campaign
  • Raise Money
  • Gain Global Exposure

Want to find out why Crowdfunding is one of the BEST ways to get the capital your business needs- CLICK HERE

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5. Our AWESOME Partners with Cool Giveaways for Engaged Attendees!

Only 1 Day is needed to Create Massive Change!

Join us on November 14th from 10am - 3:15pm Streaming LIVE for the Ultimate Virtual Business Event of 2012. Bring your curiosity, bring your questions, and prepare for change! Register NOW for the Early Bird Price of $50 Until Nov 8th Midnight

Virtual Biz Blitz Agenda:

  • Fearless Leadership with Jeff Hoffman at 10:15 am
  • Bulletproof Your Marketing with MarketingProfs at 11:30 am
  • Strategic Business Planning with Tim Berry at 1:15 pm
  • Raising Capital 2.0 with Indiegogo at 2:30 pm

Register NOW for the Early Bird Price Until Nov 8th Midnight

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