By KaeLyn Stephens

J. Pierpont Morgan

Who; J. Pierpont Morgan was a Republican and a railroad financier. He created a banking company, J. P. Morgan & Co.

What; J. P. Morgan & Co. was a commercial and investment banking institution, based in the United States, founded by J. P. Morgan and commonly known as the House of Morgan or simply Morgan.

When; J. P. Morgan & Co. was founded in 1871.

Where; The J. P. Morgan & Co. was founded and based in the United States.

Why; J. P. Morgan & Co. was important to the railroad companies because he invested in the railroads.

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Henry Bessemer

Who; Henry Bessemer was an inventor, businessman, and an engineer. He came up with a steel making process called the "Bessemer process".

What; In 1855, Henry Bessemer invented a way to manufacture steel. They named it "Bessemer process" after it's inventor. This was the first inexpensive industrial process to create steel from pig iron.

When; Henry Bessemer was born January 19th, 1913, and died March 15th, 1898. The Bessemer process was invented in the year 1855.

Where; Henry Bessemer born and died in the United Kingdom.

Why; Henry Bessemer created cheap way to make steel from pig iron. This way it's not so expensive.

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Pullmans Strike

What; The Pullmans Strike was a nationwide railroad strike that took place in the United States.

When; The Pullmans Strike took place in the year of 1894 during the summer.

Where; The Pullmans Strike started in Pullman Chicago, on May 11th, 1894.

Why; 4,000 Pullman workers went on a wildcat strike in response to the recent reductions in wages.

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Union Pacfic

What; The Union Pacific Railroad is a haul freight railroad that operates 8,400 locomotives over 31,390 route miles in 23 states west of Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana.

When; The UnionnPacific Railroad was founded in 1862.

Who; Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Where; The Union Pacific Railroad headquarters are located in Omaha, Nabraska.

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