Individual Interaction Project

By: Tori J.


Megan- Complimentary

Allison- Exposure

Alyson- Complimentary

Mercedes- Complimentary

Kat- Complimentary

Nikki- Proximity, Approval, Complimentary, and Exposure

Important Traits I Look For


Listen to good music




Stereotypes I Have

Homeless people scare me

People with creepy mustaches are pedophiles

Generational Identity


Dad- Big problem, the Bible says man and women are supposed to be together.

Mom- No problem, its their decision and I wont be the one to make heir decisions

Me- Gays aren't hurting anyone, they cant change themselves


Dad- Disagree with them, not a peaceful religion, Shria law gives no rights to women,

Mom- ^^

Me- unsure

Legalization of assisted suicide for people suffering from terminal illnesses:

Dad- Completely agree, people should have the right to decide

Mom- Agree, if they're suffering then they should be able to go even if it hurts the family, they shouldn't hold them back.

Me: People should be able to end their life if they're truly suffering, there is no pint staying alive if you're not living.

Mom & Dad- This generation is lazy, selfish, and entitled. Your used to everything being handed to you, which isn't right.