POHW Before Poster

By Jules Belfi

1. Hollis' Outlook on Life.

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. She has no family.

QUOTE- But when I think of my W picture, mostly I think of the Regans' house in Branches. Page 3

2. Hollis And Josie.

In the beginning, Hollis doesn't want to go with Josie, but after she spends some time with her, they start to bond. Then, they almost get separated, but Hollis and Josie travel to the Old Man's Mountain. It seems like they have a strong bond. QUOTE- "I won't leave," I said. Page 33

3. Hollis And The Mustard Lady

In the beginning, Hollis does not like the Mustard Lady. The Mustard Lady tries to be nice to Hollis, but she is stubborn. QUOTES- "How was school?" "Burned down." "What did you eat for lunch?" "Horse meat." "How's Mrs. Cahill?" "Who?" "What are you drawing?" "Nudies."

4. Hollis And Herself

Hollis used to hate herself. Since everyone called her a mountain of trouble, she thought very bad of herself. But Josie changed that

5. Josie And Memory Loss

Josie starts to forget things. At the end, she doesn't really remember Hollis. In the beginning, she still remembers things.

6. Hollis and Nature

Hollis is not so close to nature in the beginning, but later on she becomes very close. Nature is her home.

7.Hollis and the Stucco Women

Hollis does not like the Stucco women. And the Stucco Women does not like Hollis. She thinks Hollis is a mountain of trouble. (she's not.)