Viruses Are Bad

Spider-like structure


They all have a protien coat that contain either DNA or RNA. They attach to the host cells and inject thier DNA, "Override" the host cells and creat more viruses to infect other cells. The virus attaches to the host cell and then the virus injects DNA into the cell. The host cell begins to make viruses. The newly made viruses will soon burst out of the host cell to search for more host cells. The viruses are measured in nm. The bacteria and animal cells are like giants comparered to the virus.

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They are 6 tail fibers, a head, and with a seath that stores the DNA. The Bacteriophage is approximately 200 nm. The disease is spread by the new viruses. They inject thier own dna into the another host cell and kill them off. The symtpoms 9include not being able to digest your own food because the virus infects E.Coli. It is called the E.Coli Infection and yes, it is fata. There is 61 deaths in the US anually. 73,000 people get sick with this disease. Its considered a "common Illness." Its spread by food born illnesses. Found in meat and unpasturized milk. Most cases, it clears up from 5 to 10 days. E.Coli Infection can lead to HUS, which is a life threatening illness.

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